i light Marina Bay 2016

16 Mar 2016 – Light Festival


Sat: there is a Peter Pan in most of us and hopefully he will always be there no matter how deeply buried. Time and place for everything and he must be allowed to surface now and then, especially in candy stores like Candylicious 🙂


Lunched at Soup Restaurant/Vivo City****with family, grandnephew Darrly (sitting between his mother Daisy and his aunt Judy) who received his first internship pay – such a lovely young gentleman he has grown to be. My favourtie venue for soup but could only eat a spoon of everything as the next lunch awaits!


Next lunch venue has views of SIN CBD, MBS from Republic Plaza Tower1 – Tower Club 62nd floor.


Tkx to Les&Ivy for delicious dim sum lunch.


Continuing with tea at LeVeL33 too filled-up to eat, but a cup of tea with good views and company to celebrate the day! Not only a place at the world’s highest urban craft brewery, but looks like a good whiskey selection. Their food look good too!


The main reason for sticking around this area was to wait for sundown. i light Marina Bay 2016 – Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival where I found my wings&hallow and walked the Jubilee Bridge for the first time! Captured a delightful moon between the buildings smiling down to a rocket trying to reach it…


My favourite this year is Lampshade by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, ‘a simple bamboo structure covered by solar cells that harness sunlight in the day, but illuminate the interior at night with energy enough to power a thousand lamps. Here’s the best part: the lamps will be donated to off-grid communities while the bamboo structure will be reused to benefit others in an effort to prolong material usage’


The grandchildren would have liked the fun-fair and, no! I was not about to go on the bumper-car (my favourite) or any other rides after a whole day of eating!



Random shots.


Permanent fixtures that are not part of the i light festival.

7b5988a4fb99417314fdd5ddfc7115ab_too-old-fall-love-grandma-fb-quote_300x300_gallerye745a03022486c01dbce55054fd37556Sun: day of reflection and rest. Have observed myself making the transitions from being a girl to a woman, mother and grandmother and still feeling young at heart, ie still planning on walking the E1 in 2017. But my energy-level and reflection in the mirror are not in sync with what I feel 🙂


Mon: Happy Bday to sweet Ellie, 2nd grandchild. How can 11yrs have gone by so quickly???

44eefe9be4_345x518_b670dcd0ecThe Kid From The Big Apple*****Sarah raised in New York visits Malaysia for the first time and learns why her grandfather, Gen and mother, Sophia have not seen each other since she was born and why they care so much about their cultural traditions. Elders see the younger generations as eyesores because of their ‘westernised’ behaviour and poor moral’s. Whilst the youngsters on the other hand, have no time for their elders.

Sadly, this is a growing global phenomenon but this touching movie gives some hope, but only if both sides make the effort!



Appreciations to SY for lunch at AMK-Hub and for accompanying me to search for O’bean at AMK Ave10. Joseph&wife make a delicious nuts-cereal cake, organic and healthy – ‘Baklava’, but need to order in advance there. Fortunately this month they are having road-shows and one can buy them at ‘Kokee Multi Nuts’  at Novena Square2 now and Expo this weekend. Must go to those venues to get some.


Tue: happenings from my neck of the woods today – MPTC has been working closely with other agencies to address that some chess players are causing a nuisance and disturbing others by playing till late night in common areas and void-decks. Walked by here when I do my grocery, even though the wet-market is closed for renovations, Giant is just next to this block.


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