19 Feb 2016 – A Person Who Returns

6be476e7c5_345x518_5949ba9093Tue: The Revenant***or a person who returns as a spirit after death. This nearly 3hrs long footage is inspired by true events. Was only focused on the beauty of the images, in the prodigious natural light that Emmanuel Lubezki captures.

The acting must be good to get all these nominations! but the eyes were shut at most of these scenes where Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy were in action.

article-2647074-0B6442C000000578-803_634x372Wed: this really made a Happy Hump Day. Needed some humour and this just hit the spot today 🙂 🙂 🙂


Watch The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest and found it educational and interesting. Only 2 episodes are FOC to watch, but good enough for me until I can watch the others FOC too. Decided to get some essential oils from Mustafa. Have always like and found Tea Tree and Eucalypyus oils calming. Frankinscene is new to me but willing to give it a try even-though it is expensive and will probably take some time to get use to the aroma.


A visit to M1 to take care of my new subscription from mid-Mar for Fibre 100Mbps at S$6per month, compared to what I am paying now- S$39. It would be stupid not to make use of this as I do qualify for the promotion which comes along with a land-line with no limit for local in and out-going calls, no extra charges, but will first have to get a phone! First a TV and now a phone!! Sooo well-equipped now that I need instructions to life with or without batteries or free luggage-tag.

Thu: movie day as this is the day new movies are screened.

11201971_oriBrooklyn*****an Irish immigrant lands in 1950s Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a romance with a local. When her past catches up with her, however, she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.  Brilliant acting and I could so understand what was going thru’ her mind when she returned to Ireland and met up with her ex-employer! The choice of her future was an easy decision after that meeting.

11348949_oriAnomalisa****pathos through puppets about a man struggles with his inability to connect with other people. A film with a relatively simple plot but interesting for its subject and explicit scenes, and something for those who want to see a different animated film.
When I bought the ticket, was warned about the R21 rating even with a senior ticket! He said that he had to do his job…


Fri: TGIF and a very busy weekend ahead. This is how you can have your cake and eat it – a memory stick and willing to share… hahaha


Welcome to the cooler rains this morning. Tkx Hazel for her humour, being from her I can be sure that there is no intended blasphemy and will miss her FB postings during lent. Calvin & hobbes always put a smile on my face. Fond memories of Linn’s Knerten and May’s Conda.

If only all problems are just a piece of cake, we can just eat it entirely and then it’s all gone…

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