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22 Feb 2016 – With Fond Childhood Memories


Fri: PP & Ian arrived safe and sound ahead of schedule in the rains. With peak hours on the roads decided to take the MRT. Got off at Lavender had enough time to grab a bite. Trust Ian to pick this place! – never knew it existed until now! Was not hungry or thirsty enough to try anything here but Ian tells me that it was good.


Tried to walk to the wake but the rains got heavier and with luggage, managed to get a taxi driver who was willing to take us one traffic light away from SIN Casket. Ian said that it must have been the shortest taxi ride for him! Rainy pix downloaded from some site.


Had supper at Koon***a Bak Kut Teh bistro, kinda of a combined beer-dart throwing joint. Quite a comfort food on this wet night. Used to be a coffee shop serving Muslim food here at this corner of Hamilton Rd/Lavender St

Sat: another wet morning for a funeral at Mandai Crematorium. A quick hello in my thoughts and prayers to my parents and to let them know that their friend is now joining them. May they all RIP.



Tkx to Les&Ivy for delicious Catalan food at La Ventana@Dempsey****with bubbles and perfect matching wines to celebrate old and new memories! PP was pleased with the decor and Ian was feeling very at home here 🙂


Sun: grabbing a bite and shopping in Chinatown, even I managed to buy a bunch of stuff to KIV for gifts.


Preparations are ongoing for tomorrow’s last day of this year’s CNY celebrations.


Tea at Takashimaya Patties & Wiches****enjoy these Japanese cakes which are less sweet and much lighter than the Western cakes.


Nice to see that young people are interested in cooking at the ABC Cooking Schools.


Dinner at Long Beach@Dempsey’s****where their Black Pepper crab is finger licking good and the requested dish by Ian. Discovered a path from the main road up to this venue, but will remember to bring my head lamp in future!

IMG_9031Mon: last day of the CNY celebrations and should be a full moon tonight. Until the next CNY celebrations, time to put away the decorations.

Good to see overseas old friends again. PP is one of the very few who dates back to the mid 1950s and is like a little sister to me, except that she is not so little now 🙂

Blessed are those who have friends who cherish and respect one another…


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