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29 Feb 2016 – To 4th Auntie

Fri: condolences to the Wong cousins and their families in SIN & HI/USA for the passing of their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, my 4th aunt LAM Poh Kow, who was 100+ and may she RIP.

This will be the 3rd funeral in the month of Feb! Cough seems to get worse as the day progresses, so will wait to attend the wake until tomorrow afternoon.

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SIN archbishop urges boycott of ‘blasphemous’ Madonna who arrived this evening in her private jet to give her performance at the National Stadium! Cost of tickets starting from S$108 – 1,288! Not my taste in music or style, so will not be attending and also those prices are way out of my budget!!


Sat: lunch with Ivy and Kiera at Din Tai Fung (Wisma@Orchard)****Unless you are so unfortunate, it is difficult to get a disappointing meal at any of the Din Tai Fung! Sat traffic is never fun to be in


but OK to watch with a good lunch 🙂

4th Auntie’s wake at SIN Casket, and tkx to Raymond for bringing some old pix to the wake. Hope to see more as he clears and cleans up his grandmother’s things.

Simple dinner with Henry in the comforts of my modest accommodation – good to catch up and to hear that things are going well for him.


LAM KohKow (1915-2016), WONG YauFun (1915-2006). 3 sons: David (HI/USA), John and Wilki (HI/USA). 3 grandsons: Jay, Raymond and Daniel (HI/USA). 3 great-grandsons: Joshua, Jordan and Jagger.


Sun: funeral at Mandai Crematorium where Raymond mentioned a good and valid point. We are here to celebrate her long and good life. For me I would add to celebrate with fond memories.


Appreciations to the Wong family for lunch at Cafe de Hong Kong 新天地小厨茶餐厅****586 Balestier Rd, not a café per se, but more of a zhi char eatery offering Hong Kong-style home-cooked food.


Good Fragrant Fish Roe Fried Rice, Black Tofu and Salted-eggs prawns.


Car-Free Sunday in SIN makes its debut today, with parts of the Civic and CBD transformed into a car-free zone from 0700-0900hrs. Good idea and as it is if you are around these areas on any Sun mornings, there are hardly any traffic there unless there is an event.


f-leapyear-a-20160226Mon: today the energy level is 0 on the scale of 1 – 10. A leap year and the day when women can propose! Hello – this is 2016 and women can propose whenever they want. But those who know me also know that it will never happen 🙂


The car-free-Sun was a such a success and there are talks and plans to improve it further. Glad that Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his well-deserved Oscar.

The secret of marriage remains a secret – Henry Youngman

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