April Showers 2021

4 Apr 2021 – Demophobia

Fri: yeah, finally located my flock of peeps, one for each grandchild! with mother-hen overseeing them!! These will be out until Mon and then back to their coop until next Easter!!!  One of the very few Easter pix with #1&2 from 2005, just before the AT Thru’Hike.

Must be suffering from spring-fever – looking with longings to be where ever these downloaded pix are taken! TGIF on this first April Friday and a Good Friday to all marking this day. March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers

Sat: having done the complete 25k GreenCorridor in 2016 with Clement and Hannah, https://amylamsg.com/2016/01/16/the-green-corridor/ was curious with the newly revamp central section. Had plans to explore it, but what was I thinking – always knew that being slightly demophobic, should avoid crowds! Up dark&early taking the first bus16 connecting to the Circle&Downtown MRT-Lines to meet with Inessa as she wanted to walk this section and could only do so in the weekend.


Was really dreading the crowds, especially after reading about it from yesterday’s news, but had promised and wanted to encourage Inessa to explore these trails. Upon seeing the crowds at the  BukitTimahRailwayStation (buildings still behind barricades&fences) was enough to make me want to be anywhere else but here! Decided to brave the crowds and walked on. Below 2pix downloaded!!!


Focusing on the trees was the only way for me to get thru’ these 4k.

A bite at SpringleafPrataPlace@TheRailMall by BukitTimahBridge before catching the bus back to the east. Lovely heavy rains in the later afternoon for a relaxing snooze. Today has convinced me that I am not just slightly, but totally&majorly demophobic!


Sun: Happy Easter Sunday to those celebrating. Delighted to receive above 5pix from my flock in US&Norway – missing them tons! Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.

This 10,000 hand-painted EasterEggTree in Saalfeld/Germany must be the most amazing one I have ever seen and will add it to my bucket list.


Lunch-CheeCheongFun@YongHuatDelight/MTMarket&FoodCentre. Good cakes&drink (non-alcoholic)@PennyUniversity, an artisanal cafe on EC Rd, good enough for a return.

Zhongshan Park but do not remember this part from my previous visit – searched blog posting and found the last time in this area was 2016, do remember the SunYatSenMemorialHall but not the park – oh dear! senior moments!! thank goodness for old blog postings!!!


Feb2016: tkx to Gel&Mil for lunch at Kotobuki***locate by the new ZhongshanPark in the Balestierarea. A new area to explore here on another Heritage Trail.


Feb2016: Appreciations to Mil for an informative tour in this elegant colonial-style villa, former BinChan house or WanQingYuan, now SunYatSen Nanyang MemorialHall – not to be confused with SunYatSen MemorialHall in Taipei/Taiwan.

Tonight’s dinner@FounderBakKutTeh/347BalestierRd, informed by Clement that this place was frequented by celebrities, but could not recognise any on the wall. The only pix that I found which was a young ChowYuenFat who is probably the only few Asian celebrity I know of. He was also on one of the walls during the MacLehoseTrail thru-hike in Mar2012@Beacon Hill. Nearly mid-point + high point! a cafe serving noodles and a pix of ChowYuenFatt@ShatinPass M101. A bowl of hot noodle hits the spot and continuing uphill to the mid-point M100. https://amylamsg.com/2012/03/10/maclehose-traildays-3-4/ 

Both cake&dinner locations are new to me and happy to discover them.

I am so very sorry and sadden to just learnt of WinnieLeeLewis’s bro, Arthur’s passing of cancer on 27Mar. Do have fond memories of him being the cheerful little boy and later the lovely man, bro husband&father he had grown to be. Condolences to Winnie and the family – thoughts&prayers are with them all and may he now RIP.
From Garry who will be driving around Australia starting this month and I will be following viciously with great interest as it is a dream for me to do a driving trip around the world. Permission granted from him to share his pix&comments (in brown-italic). Packed and ready to go. Leaving Mt Beauty Vic tomorrow morning. West into South Australia then North to Alice then…….. back maybe around Oct, Nov but definitely before Santa comes again…….and covid under control, here and abroad.

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