Pigs Fly To Blue Elephant

8 Apr 2021 – At The Lower East Side

Mon: tkx for FB reminder when QingMing 清明 (Tomb-Sweeping) is now ongoing in this part of the world. In memory of my parents&grandparents – will not be going to the crematorium, but thoughts are with them. Pleased to finally hear&read about the encouragement to do away with these burning of paper offerings, etc. Old traditions die hard, hopefully ppl will understand why the environment has to go green&move with times.  https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202103/1219072.shtml 

Appreciations to Ivy&Carmel for EasterMonday’s Thai lunch in my hood – the LowerEastSide where PigsFly to BlueElephant with choices of burgers, pizzas, Indian, Mexican & Thai cuisine! Tried the Mexican https://amylamsg.com/2021/01/27/light-to-night-festival-2021/

And if you are drinking to forget, you will certainly see pigs flying to blue elephant.

Back to PennyU for cakes, coffee&T. And yes, do like that dark&rich ChocolateTruffleCake today. Carmel had the Lemongrass CoconutCake, Ivy had Coconut IceCream. Yesterday’s HoneyAlmond was yummy&fresh, wanted to try something else today – if I keep returning daily, will end up like the guy in this pix! Pouring cats&dogs, but thank goodness Rahman had parked the car just around the corner.

Tue: nice of SK to get some updates from her branch, especially happy to hear that nephew Mun has been cleared with his health checks. Met@ShipRestaurant ShawHouse, but was too crowded&noisy to even hear myself think!

FoodRepublic located in the basement was my preference, not crowded&noisy, more choices & reasonable price for foods. Isetan is a must when in that area, look at these choices of yummy foods. Do not set foot here when you are hungry or you will feel like buying everything – hahaha!

I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food from the internet – Carlos Banks

S$108strawberries S$68grapes are not within my budget, but a feast for the eyes to imagine how deliciously juicy&sweet they can be – no sour grapes in this case!

WildRocket, RedCabbageSprout, OsouzaiSet, a  piece of ChateraiseCrispyChocolateCake, total~S$25 is affordable, the veggies should last me for a few days – a costly TueGroceryDay without SenSav.

Appreciations&thanks to SK for informing me that there were 2otherKLBanks in JB/Malaysia (where she worked in the 1980s) and another one in KL/Malaysia which I have no idea that they existed? Also was not aware that there was a logo?? Will have to update and find out more about them – now edited and added into the posting below:


Thu: a busy day ahead starting at 0600hrs with breakfast@MT Market – where Yong Huat Delight@MT Market is also Kotuwa’s Chef Alan Chan  favourite breakfast spot, he must have good taste – hahaha.


MP Rd on bus36 on ECP, changing to bus75 with a driver who nearly by-past me (another story when I am up to it!) by the Esplanade heading for the shuttle on OutramRd to

SGH for pre-ops procedures in preparations for a parathyroidectomy on 22Apr. Looks like my BP is way too high and will have to bring it down by the day of the surgery. Thank goodness for a cardiologist big-bro!

Done by 12n – headed to TiongBahruMarket for lunch and to pick up some fresh dates for tonight’s dinner. Bev dropped by to pick up an air-purifier after her 2ndVaccine@MPCC. Looks like some CrazyRichAsians have thrown this perfect little play-car out with their garbage on RochalieDrive, would have picked it up if I was not on my way to dinner! Appreciations for yet another yummy dinner@Theresa&ChengJun with Les&Ivy. Long&tiring day with nearly 4hrs spent on bus-rides!

From Garry6Apr: Well its only day 1 and tonight’s camp is by the banks of the Murry outside Nyah- just past Swan Hill. The sky is clear and the feeling is good.

From Garry7Apr: Camped beside Lake Bonney, just past Renmark into South Australian where the majestic river redgums gave up the will to live and now provide safe habitat for fish that don’t wantvto be caught. Managed to pick up a second spare wheel and tyre for the Pajero (18inch rims with 6 studs are hard to find) and around lunchtime found my car key in the bottom of the esky! 

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