Silver Balls To Domes & Hotpots

13 Jan 2016 – Sounds Like A Game 🙂

Sun: RIP David Bowie and condolences to his family.

God rest on the seventh day of creation – Genesis 2:2


Mon: ACM where I have lost count of the number to times there! (S$5pp adult). This building was opened in 1865 as a court-house and has been a home of the Registry of Births and Deaths as well as the SIN Mint. Pleasant surprise to bump into Gel&Mil while Ann&Tim were looking at the displays. Nice catch up and chat.


Edited – tkx to Desiree those balls finally have a title! 24 Hours in Singapore by local artist Baet Yeok Kuan. This is an interactive audio sculpture installation that acts as an audio time capsule capturing sounds of Singapore. With the passage of time, this sculpture will serve as a remembrance of the rich intangible heritage of our daily lives in Singapore circa 2015. The installation’s audio recordings feature familiar sounds of everyday people, places and scenes, from the sounds of traffic in suburban heartlands and MRT trains to the daily chatter in wet markets and coffee shops.


Fullerton Building – build in 1928 and most of us older generation will remember this as our GPO. The Heritage Gallery has an amazing collection of pix, maps, stamps etc dating back to 1932. Worth a visit where you can still mail in the only red pillar post box which was first introduced in 1873. Above 2pix – 1950s and now downloaded.


There is a new display The Fullerton Story at the front indoor entrance – tastefully done and informative.


The former Fullerton Building, now known as The Fullerton Hotel, was officially gazetted on 7Dec 2015 as SIN 71st national monument, by the country’s National Heritage Board (NHB). The hotel part did not come into the picture until 2001.


Bus 196 with views of the National Gallery, South Beach, Suntec,


heading to SIN Sports Hub and Kallang Wave for Ann&Tim to see this dome and to experience a ride in the MRT from my favourite MRT station. Tkx to Ivy&Les for hotpot dinner. Good to have the Chuas home after their holiday in Spain and sounds like a well-received first day of school for grandniece Kiera.



Tue: must have been tired, got to bed by midnight last night but did not wake up until 1100hrs this morning. Oh joy – laundry awaits! Tkx to Ann&Tim for farewell fine-dining at ME@OUE****


Safe journeys back to Ireland for our Irish guests and appreciations for the memories. The Thinker was created by Auguste Rodin. The pose is that a man at the gates of hell, a work of art in itself, based upon Dante’s Divine Comedy, however, the statue soon took on a life of its own, capturing the public imagination and finding itself replicated many times over.

Cogito, ergo sum – I think, therefore I am – Descartes