A Walk Down Memory Lane

1 Jul 2017 – When The Memory Is Still There!

Sat: an aerial view of the southern slope of Fort Canning Hill along River Valley Road in the 1960s of an old postcard is where my memories are still very much in tact.

National Theater (1964- 1986) designed by Alfred Wong, god-sister Pat’s bro. Pix downloaded.

Van Kleef Aquarium (1955-1998) – pix downloaded

Both these buildings have been sadly demolished. Now the grounds are part of the foothills of the Fort Canning Pk. Formally known as Central Pk in 1972 when the land previously used by the British armed forces was combined with King GeorgeV Park. The park was then renamed Fort Canning Pk in 1981 by LKY and converted into a historical park.

It was then an era when out with the old and in with the new, and hopefully it is not always the case now. But what is in the will and request of a dying or dead person should be honourably followed thru’ by the immediate family members without any outside interference or ulterior motives!!!

A reminder of the former National icon now stands across the road from the original site. Not much changes from the time I can remember from these 2buildings besides fresh paint – Sri Thandayuthapani Temple, also known as the Chettiar Temple (1859) and the Teochew Building (formally NgeeAnn Poly in 1963).

A walk around the locations where swim practices@River Valley Swimming Complex (1959-2003) and Math tuition with Miss Lee were once in the yesteryear. Now the future Fort Canning MRT station and 113 Tank Station.

Here is a good link to check for SIN past&present and info&pix.



From Robertson Quay along SIN River under Clemenceau Bridge to

Clark Quay with the tourist and young crowds (wow Zouk still exists and has relocated here!).

Crossing River Valley Rd to Old Hill Street Police Station which currently houses the Ministry of Comm and Info and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Central Fire Station housing the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, also the official museum of the SIN Civil Defence Force. 

The Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, referred to as locally the Armenian Church, the oldest Christian church in SIN. Passing by another memory lane, Loke Yew St where climbing up those dark stairs to one of the units for piano lessons with Mrs Wong. The US Embassy was located opp this block in those days. 3hrs of leisure walk with my idiot-proof camera! and most reliable for the telling tales!! down memory lane hoping to get back into the SIN time&frame of mind!

A spectator would conclude that I was living in the past. But I was very much living in the present. My present – Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life

Sun: tkx to Zarina for the visit and nice meeting another of her sis, Susan. Introducing SIN&Peranakan foods to Hongkies on Marine Terrace Food&Wet Market and East Coast Rd.

Appreciations to 4sis-on-law for yummy home-made prawn noddles and belated Bday cake for Annie – pix in mobile phone and unable to download! Will figure that out someday!!

Mon: an annual get-together with cousins Karen&Sharon from paternal grandmother CHAN SweeNgor side of the family.

@The Peranakan****where the food was deliciously presented – highly recommended.

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