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12 Jul 2017 – To the Esplanade

Sat: at The Perankan, 2nd time within a week – this time to meet with Clem since he was in the area and I wanted to introduce this location to him. The HighTea consisted of a taste to many dishes for another happy visit.

Opening of the GatewayTheatre@BukitMerah, tkx to Lee&Adeline for the invite. This theatre, originally home to the DalitTheatre, which screened Tamil movies in the 1980s is built by Faith Community Baptist Church FCBC (Touch Community Services) where L&A are members of and they were there helping out at the food stand on Level6, the Sky Garden.

Sun: Happy Bday 2nd sis-in-law YokeSau. Pix credits to Leng, the missing one in the above pix in this branch is grand-nephew SuiChang who is overseas at present.

At the Esplanade Concert Hall and Esplanade concourse where

Toa Payoh West Community Club Chinese Orchestra presented a delightful repertoire of American music including Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story, George Gershwin’s I’ve Got Rhythm, a jazz take on the Cantonese classic 旱天雷etc. Enjoyed Rit Xu’s performance of Mower’s Flute Concerto (1st movement).

Simplicius Cheong Quartet – Tama Goh, Rit Xu&Felix Phang pay tribute to music heroes—the swing era pianists Errol Garner, Oscar Peterson and George Shearing.

Not only pleasant to the ears but to the eyes too 🙂

Introduced Marina Square Food Court (Level4) to this group. Conveniently located across the the road from Esplanade – in the comforts of AC, decent food choices and good view.

Mon: congratulations to bro Les for his recent Distinguished Graduate Award from UCD. This is his third such award. In 2014 we celebrated his Honorary Doctorate from the National U of Ireland, seems like yesterday! Am sooo blessed to have the best care where the ♥ is concerned 🙂

Books in the neighbourhood library have been relocated, but no problems finding them. Good to meet up with Pat&David &the kids, tkx to sis Jo for dinner.

Tue: what was going on in my mind, forgot to take pix!! Appreciations to George&Elsie for a tropical fruits evening. Good to meet childhood neighbours from Temenggong Rd. Liz&her 3bros, Torqand, Roderick&Allister+George&his siblings who all lived in#28 in the 1950s-60s and this is our first meeting, now with their families. Better late than never. Pix credits to Elsie&Jong. Apologies for not making to their gathering on Sun.

When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind ― Patrick Rothfuss

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