Summer Holidays 2017

5 Jun 2017 – An Early Bday Party

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Schools are out today, marking the start of the summer holidays. Besides Zuno’s footsteps, you can practically hear a pin drop in the house this morning 🙂 Happy Bday KK.

Thank you Linn for a glorious sunset dinner&drinks@Liberty On The Lake****Whatever kind of ducks these were, they look like they would make a good roast in the oven!

She-Crab Soup was rich&yummy, steak cooked to my taste and there was enough food to doggy-bag for another meal or two.

Sunset and clouds were amazing, so mesmerizing that I just wanted to stay and watch it set all the way.

Sat: L&J drove to Greenville SC (103m/170k drive) for the day to help Frank&Jennifer moving in there. Cindy helped with The Fabulous5, would not have managed on my own by the lake with all 5. As it was did not even have time for any pix.

More sad news from UK, this time in the heart of London@London Bridge. Families&friends there have updated that they are safe&sound.

Condolences, prayers thoughts out to all affected.

Sun: early Bday party for Sophie as Jeff and #1,2&3 are planning for a hiking trip next weekend.

Did not get any good shots, except for the one when they were back from church, getting ready with the goodie-bags and coincidentally they were all dressed in shades of blue. Hoping for better shots on her real Bday when there will be a bunch of kids by the lake.

Pix credit to Linn for the one with the cookie-cake&candles. Was introduced to a new toy today – Shopkins, and rather confused about these Shopkins as they are exactly like Lego but not Lego???

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