Thanksgiving 2019

30 Nov 2019 – It Has Indeed Been A Busy Month

Wed: cousin Calvin in Brisbane/Australia made my day today – tkx to him for working out a comprehensive coding for the family tree to show how we are related. Will share this on the LAM TinYue Heritage FB-posting when I get my act together to provide him with whatever names and YOB&YOD I have in my notes.

Thu: Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating. Reflecting over a decade of Thanksgivings, feeling blessed&thankful for everyday even without my flock who are always in my heart&mind and with our family tradition of 2019 Beaujolais Nouveau, if I can find a bottle here. Pix credits to Cindy&Linn.

Changi Airport’s tunnel leading to T4 – amazed how this location was once the budget terminal and now look at this – nobody in my way for these shots with how ice-kacang were made in the good-old-days. Have been trying to explain this and now finally an illustration speaking fluently, tkx to Yip YewChong.

Welcome Lily from KCH and Angelina&Zephyr from Belgium and if the Minions cannot get the attention of this adorable 3yrs young’s no one else can!

Welcome, Happy Thanksgiving&tkx for dinner to Lesley who is here for a short working trip from CA/USA. She is the only person I know of who has 39cats! Met at the new revamped Grand Park City Hall Hotel – sadly not what it used to be where I would occasionally pop in for a drink in this spacious lobby with a personality+pleasant life-music many moons ago. No recognition of the new tiny entrance/lobby or anything familiar to find my way about – only after asking to learn that it is on the 3-level. Pix downloaded.

BakKutTeh dinner@OldStreet/FunanMall. Koong Woh Tong’s Chinese traditional herbal jelly Guiling Gao 龟苓膏 is one of my favourites there and I like it best without honey or sweetener. The slight bitterness+herbal root Tu Fu Ling 土茯苓, Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae, Glabrous Greenbrier Root compliments each other, especially after all the eating over the week, really needed this. Pix downloaded except for the one with Lesley.

Fri: TGIF on this Black Friday – a good weekend&shop till you drop! Thanksgiving is over in SIN and you can now bring on the Christmas! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Lock&May and Happy 13-BDay #3 who now joins #1&2 into their teen-age years. Had to pick up fresh fruits@Parkway for Campers Christmas bash tomorrow. Decided to watch Last Christmas to get my mind off things I do not want to do! Would probably forget about this movie soon, but it had enough moments to keep the festive spirit alive for now. Lovely rainy afternoons yesterday&today.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I’ll give it to someone special – George Michael/WHAM

Sat: was wakened to this sad news of the stabbings on London Bridge/UK&in the Hague/Netherlands. Family&friends all over the world, plx be safe&take care.


Even the Norwegian Ambassador, pastor&brass-band here@Sjømannskirken for the Christmas Bazaar with AudreyM, it was difficult to get into the spirit of Christmas in this heat.


but always enjoy their fresh-baked goods&open-face sandwiches and always manage finding something to add to my collection, no matter of size!


IMG_7882aGot the fruit cocktail to Campers’ and then off to watch a performance by The Ngee Ann Kongsi Theatre of Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens@Wild Rice, Funan directed by Ivan Heng. Wendy, played by Mae Elliessa’s voice did sing to me. 1st time in this 358seats taking up 20,000sqft across three floors, nice design but tight on the leg-room and make sure you have a jacket with you here! Tkx to Clem for this musical, but poor him who really had so much pain with his knees by the end of Act 1.


Tkx to management&staff+friends of Campers’ Corner for the season’s 1st Christmas seafood bash – apologies for being late, but it was still Nov and this is the Big-One that did not get away! Appreciations to Pat@Owls Brew for preparing the food.

78808967_10157057945468795_8338760978929811456_oManaged to pull thru’ all these events in one day&one piece in spite of the worst day on the roads&on the buses. Was waiting longer for the buses, stuck in traffic+detoured prolonged bus-rides all day.

Everywhere red! Taxi stands overflowing with queues all because of the road closures for the StanChart Marathon+U2 concert. Tkx to Victor for his live-report while crawling on the road.

Perhaps all these detours are a reminder for me to slow-down at this stage! How life makes twists &turns and I never would have guessed that I’d end up where I am now, but wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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