Welcome November 2019

3 Nov 2019 – Back On The Red Dot

Thu: smooth&uneventful flights snoozing and watching a bunch of movies which I have little recollections of. Arr on schedule to receive the best news – congratulations again to the IrmoHigh GirlsV-XC – Region Champs for the 2nd year in a row, way to go #1&2+their mama coach, my 1st born. What an honour to be their mother&grandmother. Pix credits to Jeremy.

After a shower and a few minutes of snooze, headed to Filmgard@Bugis – appreciations to SIN #6 Irish Ambassador Patrick Bourne and the Irish Embassy for this last flick of the Irish Film Festival 2019, and for the taste of Barmbrack which is traditionally served on Halloween in Ireland. The origins of Halloween actually dates back to the Celtic festival of Samhain.

Was in much of a zombie state of mind to give any comments on this movie, The Hole In The Ground which is supernatural horror film directed by Lee Cronin, from a screenplay by Cronin and Stephen Shields.

Fri: TGIF! Breakfast – BakChorMee@Blk59 MarineTerrace/132MeePokKwayTeow, still missing the old congee&carrot cake stalls but does not stop me from enjoying the other foods! Surprised to bump into Penny and nice to meet her hubby, Paul.

Good being back to the local foods in my comfort-zone+conveniences in-spite of the apt looking like a battle-field both inside (my own mess) out (MRT/TEL-line-constructions) at present. That too shall pass…

Welcome back to SIN (Food-Paradise), cousins David&Wilki+Patty WONG and Huang&Kim, all 5 from HI.

Just down the street where their accommodations are, Little India is conveniently located with Tekka-Place, an old block with a new facade opened on time for this 2019 Diwali where the peacock’s tail is ready for courtship. 2018 lights, the tail was not in that stage. Maybe next year 2020, the Diwali lights will be with a flock of peachicks!!! hahaha.

Sat: the various ethnic foods, cultures, customs, religions, rituals, etc living as peacefully as possible side by side is what makes SIN so unique and what I like best here. After India last night, today a taste of China in Chinatown.

Of course the shaved-ice@MeiHeongYuen is a must for my young friends and me too. Tkx to Linda for the help in her dried-goods store for Kim. Another taste from LimCheeGuan was all I could handle in this weather. Had to rest at their serviced-apt before another taste of OldChangKee on the way to Campers to say hi. Alcohol related credits to Calvin&Pat – lol

At this rate and in this heat, do know better than to even think of tasting anything alcohol related! Had a delightful time just catching up, staying awake and hoping for a good night sleep.

Tkx to Huang for taking this present pix of cousins David, John&Wilki WONG who are in many ways just like bros to me as their mother/4auntie LAM PohKow (1915-2016), have tried many times to adopt me during childhood – for real. B&Wpix from 1950s.


Sun: the body&heart are not so forgiving nowadays if I do not take this day to rest even when the mind tells me that nothing is impossible – 2negatives should make one positive, but will follow my heart and take my brains with me.

2 Happy Bdays  HongSze and JohnK/Ireland

8 Happy Bday Beverly

11 Happy Bday AudreyM

13 Happy Bday Yee Fun/NZ

15 Happy Bday Chris Tay

19 Happy Bday Yulis

27 Happy Bday DaisyC

29 Happy 12th Bday to my grandson JohnW/USA

30 Happy Bday Chai/Canada

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