Fall Back 2019

30 Oct 2019 – Time To Head Back To Warmer Weathers

Sat: heading towards Aker brygge for early dinner on this cold autumn day

The Cantonese menu here@LingLing is based on Hakkasan’s signature dishes, but with Norwegian influences, local producers and ingredients, ie more fusion – pleasantly surprised with the taste. Liked the idea that the dim-sum wrappings were made of different flavoured dough. #6 Wagyu beef (they out of the other cuts) was just enough for him, thus did not get to taste his, but am sure it was good as he finished every bit.

Only complain there was the loud music – not quite my style or taste of music and dislike having to shout to talk to anyone.

Sun: Happy Diwali to all celebrating, looking forward to experience the lights when I get back to SIN. Happy 95th Bday to Ellen-Sr, L&M paternal grandmother, #1-6 great-grandmother whose father was the architect for Oslo&Sandvika CityHalls. Had to be reminded by May that today is Daylight-SavingTime and also tkx to her for a delicious home-made roast-chicken Sun-dinner. The last pix I took of Ellen with L&M was 2010, 9yrs ago and the last pix I took of Ellen was 2months ago when I visited with her in Tromsø then.

Mon: tkx to Mette for lunch company and for helping me to eat up left-overs. She is such a spot and has no problems with left-overs and I too also have no issues with left-overs unless it has gone bad.

Tue: waking up to frost on the roofs, grass, etc – also means that it is time to fly down south. Beautiful, crisp&cool walk to the grocery as #6 wants fragrant rice for dinner, ie chicken rice without the chicken. Usually it takes only 1min to walk to the grocery, but instead took a long detour on this lovely morning. Many of the trees are ready for the winter, pretty with the clear blue sky, but do look rather sad when it is grey.

#6 also told me that he wished it to snow tomorrow, but I then told him that I have a heavy suitcase and will be taking the tram&train to the airport! To that he replied, OK then it can snow after you get to the airport!!

Have no problems to pack for just a trip, but considering how I travel – away for months from the comfort-zone&conveniences+in different continents&seasons, making packing a dreadful nightmare for me. But it could have been worse if I could not have some stuff stored in the US with Linn and in Norway with May.

To me, the most worrisome part of traveling comes before any of the traveling actually occurs: the suitcase-packing process. It’s a challenging and anxiety-filled process – I am caught between wanting my suitcase to be light and worrying I am going to need every single item in my bedroom – Laura Marano


Wed: breakfast with #6, him flatbread with butter/Bremykt, me flatbread with butter/smør&smoked trout. Until we meet again, will just keep in mind his hug&him waving with the sweetest smile as he head off to school. The next 15hrs in the air with 1+hr layover time in DXB arr SIN Thu 31Oct sometime in the afternoon, SIN time.

When everything seems to be against you, remember that an airplane takes-off against the wind, not with it – Henry Ford 

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