Big Apple

25 Oct 2019 – For A Day

Tue: short uneventful flight time, just under 2hrs from CHS-JFK S$125, snoozing most of the way. Do not even remember when I was here last – being tired and not too focus, was nearly con for US$15 S$20, but got away for US$4 S$5+. Arr T5, brought my check-in bag+backpack to T1 for storage US$24 S$33, AirTrain to JamaicaSt US$5 S$6+/OW and subway $2.75 S$3+/OW – affordable when you consider that Uber will cost anything from US$60-70 S$80-96/OW and US$40+S$55+/OW for shuttles.

Visit with Kat+Devon&Elliot for the afternoon – how time flies, she tells me that she has now lived in US for 19yrs!

Yummy Vietnamese Phở lunch hit the spot (have not had any ethnic Asian foods since leaving SIN 3months ago!) and a short walk around the neighbourhood to check into Greg’s new office, sorry to miss him as he is out of town today. Tkx to Kat for a lovely afternoon and for introducing sour dough doughnuts, good, but the plain old-fashioned sugar-glaze is still my preference.

The new Essex Market will be quite something when all the stalls are in place up&running, would like to visit again. But until then, back to JFK to catch my Norwegian flight across the pond. Was pleasantly surprised when a young African-American lady offered me her seat on the rush-hour crowded subway, so that cancels out the not so pleasant experience with an elderly African-American man who tried to con me upon arrival – hahaha! But then had to pay US$45 S$61+ for my overweight check-in luggage on NorwegianAir, still less expensive than having to mail those gifts.

Wed: JFK-OSL 7hrs uneventful on schedule flight S$245 sleeping most of the way. Arr safe&sound in OSL in the afternoon and could not have ask for better weather, a glorious clear blue sky against the warm welcoming colours of Fall to be with #6 – Heaven is this place on Earth for now.

Thu: a perfect rainy day to rest the body&soul, snoozing most of the day. #6 likes fried-rice and that I made for dinner.

Fri: TGIF – what a contrast from yesterday to wake up to blue-sky. The sun returns today with winds preparing trees for the winter!

Bouquet from me to #6 for his pre-Halloween decoration-party and May being as efficient as she is, everything is ready on the table before she left for work. Such a good idea arranged by the school.


4well-behaved kids (including #6) had a great time with pizza dinner&ice-cream dessert. Parents too enjoyed their snacks May made & Irish Coffee by me when they came to collect their kids. M&B are such good parents.


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