Oktoberfest 2019

7 Oct 2019 – Goodbye Summer, Welcome Autumn

Fri: TGIF and a fabulous weekend to all. This year, Got Talent made its way to China in an adaptation known in Chinese as Dian Feng Zhi Lu=World’s Got Talent. While it’s a worldwide competition, one exceptionally stunning duo caught my complete attention and it must be the most amazing dance performance I have seen even when I am not a ballet fan!


Drove #1&2 to school to catch their rides to Jacksonville, FL New World Fall Spectacular hosted by BishopSnyder HS. Keeping my fingers&toes crossed for them – such a good experience&privilege for these girls to do an out-of -state XC-Meet. Shopped for hours to stock up grocery, etc while I had the car. Needed to also pick up some fall decorations, following the weather forecast and hoping that Fall will be here tomorrow.

#3-5+friend entertained us with #3 (12yrs) playing the cello – Grieg’s PeerGynt-MorningMood. Dinner from Chick-fil-A, my favourite fast food place for their Chicken-Strips, but unfortunately the coleslaw is taken off the menu.

Sat: bright&early to get chicken curry started. #5 kinda believed that the Fall decorations help to start this cool weathers! Just like his sister some years ago when I asked #4 to sing to the EasterCactus before she went to bed and the blooms will open the next day!! Absolutely lovely morning, paying them to pick up various cones outside – US$5 S$7perbag, making me US$70 S$97 poorer but worth it. Lunch was served@the Tree-House.

I saw old Autumn in the misty morn stand shadowless like silence, listening to silence – Thomas Hood

Oktoberfest in Newberry, a charming city app 32m 52km W of Irmo. Jeff worked there for 4yrs when they first moved here to SC.

#5 enjoyed being in that giant bowling ball knocking all the pins down. #4 (10yrs) surprised me by climbing to the top of this stonewall. Have been informed by #3 that the Pelican’s snow-cones are the best, had a taste of his and it is pretty good.

Old Newberry County Court House (1852) built during the period of cotton-bred wealth, the Greek Revival structure was a testament to the success of the town’s merchants and planters.


Originally built in 1882 and recently renovated and reopened as of 1998, The Newberry Opera House is one of N America’s premier historical theaters and performing arts venues – it is supposed to be haunted!


Enjoyed the crafts and bought the pineapple-beer-caps art as a gift for a beer-drinker friend where the pineapple represents Southern-Hospitality, in Asia, it is wealth.


Need to make a collage of these interesting hair-dos. First time eating this yummy Funnel-Cake, scrumptious when it is pipping-hot&fresh, could feel the pounds adding on even just by looking at it – shared it with #3-5&Jeff who all also thought it delicious. After all these snacks, there will be no need for cooking dinner.

Buildings with personalities

Sun: creative chalk art-work on the driveway and movie day. Both #5&I have seen Aladdin but not #3&4 and we did not mind seeing it again US$3 S$4+pp which is even cheaper than the SIN senior-ticket. Tkx to Jeff – tasty Sunday roast for lunch.

Linn+#1&2 are home safe&sound and pleased with their 4th-place for the IrmoHigh XC Varsity Girls Team. Way to go ladies, proud&happy for them, she works so hard to get this team where it is today. #1 placed 6th out of nearly 200girls.

Mon: Happy Birthday to my dear bro Leslie in SIN.