7 Nov 2019 – And Vending Machines

Mon: the 4walls are more or less back to normal without any covers and feeling more relaxed with most of the laundry&unpacking done. What else next with vending machines??? Have yet to try hot-snacks or the Norwegian salmon but my Norwegian friends never knew that one could get frozen Norwegian salmon from a vending machine. Now you can even drop off your Laundry, dry-cleaning, bag&shoe spa &more! Do like the OJ machines – for S$2, you can watch 4oranges being freshly squeezed and both taste&temp wise are to my taste.

An actress once advised me, Make sure you do your own laundry – it will keep you honest – Cate Blanchett

Tkx to David&Wilki+Huang&Kim for the voucher&dinner@DinTaiFung where the food is consistently good. It is amazing how far they have reached, considering that I have never forgotten the taste of their XaoLongBao in Taipei/Taiwan1996 just before they opened their 1st International branch in Toyko. In SIN alone, there are 25branches and with a group of 5 of us, there was no problem with at least one owning a CitiCard.

Tue: toilet tank leaking and not getting properly into the bowl, tkx to contractor Vincent, got it was fixed S$100. IC S$10&passport S$70+4mugshots S$10, all papers in the post for renewal. Running thru’ figures will give me an idea where the money is being flushed away!!

Shaw@Jewel to watch The Farewell – Based On An Actual Lie are such appropriate words when this movie is about a conspiracy of lies on death! A Chinese family who, when they discover their beloved Grandmother has only a short while left to live, decides to keep her in the dark and schedule an impromptu wedding to be together. Highly recommended to see how family dynamics, cultural differences, etc bind the family together.

The Farewell won’t change cinematic language, but by opening us up to a clash of cultures we don’t often get to see and by showing us the beauty of a lie, it just may change you – Glenn G

Enjoy being in the basement@Jewel where GB Shaw’s quote about where there is no sincerer love than the love of food applies so fully here. With Jewel nearer to me (bus 36 direct to T1@the airport in less than S$1&20mins). the food selections&eateries here are endless and would take me a year to try everything! The basement@Takashimaya is also good when in the Orchard Rd area..

Wed: a day catching up with movies Made in China&Hello World – the few ways I will sit down and not run around! Ended the day at Plaza SIN to meet with cousins+HI group for dinner@Kopitiam, somewhere I can afford to treat everyone with my 10% off card there!

Also Patty wanted to shop@Daiso where she bought 43items!! – she told me that when her DIL was visiting Japan, she bought 150items from a Daiso there!!! Got me to wonder how many items (total) have I bought from there?

Thu: going thru’&filing both hard&soft copies of paperworks with the body, especially the stomach needing a total rest – ie fasting and drinking just warm water to flush out the system today.

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