Christmas 2019

26 Dec 2019 – Ring Of Fire

Mon: on these last 2days before Christmas, would like to first share my favourite version of Deilig er jorden (Wonderful is the Earth) – Norwegian version of the Christmas psalm written by danish poet BS Ingemann in 1850, based on a Silesian folk tune.

Tue: Christmas Eve and this would be an appropriate share – one of my favourtie versions of O Holy Night as we get our last minute preparations ready for the Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day🎄🎄

Appreciations for dinner@Les&Ivy, my contribution, gravlaks&kransekaker.

Wed: Season’s Greetings from my immediate family in Norway&USA+BG1LAM TinYue branch of the LAM-family to family&friends around the world. Tkx to GG6Les&Ivy for this scrumptious annual Christmas lunch – started from when PG16Kiera, their 1st grand-child was a baby then and today she is 16!

Tanglin Club does a good spread for this occasion and have not disappointed me over the years. Has it really been 11yrs ago (when I first started this blog) that the one&only Grinch of Christmas appeared?

Buffet of salads&seafoods. Last year and this year, the menu had some changes with a semi-buffet idea and there is just so much choices that –

Hazel commented – you have set me wondering, with the menu, what you ate! And my answer was – will you believe me when I tell you that I had a bite of everything – which was true.

Turkey, ham, poached-salmon,

desserts galore.

Les enjoyed shooting the 2party-poppers creating much colourful confetti and attention. Introduced this popper in 2013 and have been popular since then. The carolers ended this function on a high note with our regular server who has been serving us for the past 6yrs saying her goodbyes. A great time was had by all young&old – tkx to the gracious generosity of Les&Ivy.

Above 2pix credits to David.

Thu: Happy St Stephen’s&Boxing Day. Blessed to be able to have a packed-lunch by the sea at EC Pk, watching life goes by with clear enough sky that Indonesia can be spotted by the naked-eye.

How wonderful to be able to view this last total solar eclipse, Ring of Fire’s path in SIN for this life’s journey.

Within doors, or without, still as a fool,
In power of others, never in my own;
Scarce half I seem to live, dead more then half.
O dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon, 
Irrecoverably dark, total Eclipse
Without all hope of day! – John Milton likened his own experience of blindness to eclipse

At the same time, checking out where I think #6 would enjoy most in this area. Not usually here in the middle of the day or in the weekends, but do enjoy my morning walks before sunrise here.


Most were too busy looking up at the eclipse, but being a typical hiker, and watching where I step to discover this most amazing&beautiful piece of natural art. Later I found the explanation