Staycation For The Camera

11 Mar 2021 – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Mon: Happy International Women’s Day and a good week to all. I am a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, mother, grandmother – I am human and a woman ♀

New discovery, Cô Chung – good Vietnamese food@PlazaSIN. The ambiance with a small aquarium+fresh beautiful flowers give a nice touch here. 

PhoBeefSoup/Phở Bò and FreshSpringRolls/Gỏi Cuốn were tasty. WaterFernCake/Bánh Bèo, first time tasting these steamed rice cakes with crushed shrimp, scallion oil, sweet fish sauce and they were excellent. Lemongrass drink was how I would make it for myself, not too sweet – a very satisfactory meal + efficient service, highly recommended and will return.

Decided for an evening stroll to see where the mood will lead – from OrchardRd heading towards BrasBasahRd to find that the RendezvousHotel is newly painted to blue with a painted white top added which I do not recall seeing when the building was in white.

Lovely contrast of the NationalMuseum from SMU (former sports ground for SJI&CHIJ). It has been a long while with this barricades in front of the former SJI, now SAM, but what are they doing now?? 

Walking thru’ SMU beautiful campus makes me feel like going back to school – like the idea for this section of the building with books, this is new and befitting.

Have been wanting to take a shot like this for many years. Every time I pass by LeeKongChian School of Business/SMU on the bus I keep telling myself that I want a shot of this when the lights are on! Finally, tkx to Clement it is done – such a good nephew who has the patience to accompany me on these night walks to make sure that I do not fall over!

Have not been to this section, The School of Law since it was completed. Did not even know that ArmenianSt has turned into a pedestrian street and the FirstBotanicGarden here.

After 30+yrs, The Substation will vacate ArmenianStreet premises in end-Jul…

Anyone in my era who had private piano lessons with MrsWong will remember this older white building (now beautifully renovated) on YokeYewSt and across from it was


Edited with these 2 downloaded pix Mon5Apr2021: the AmericanEmbassy then from 1960s; and now this new building SembcorpDevelopment&Indrustries has replaced it. Such a pity, personally my preference is for the older building.

Once the SIN PhilatelicMuseum, soon to be a ChildrenMuseum. Good to know&see that MasonsTable is still around on ColemanSt, do not even remember when I was last there!

Continued on ColemanSt, passing by some of these cameras in the shops! If I had to carry those, I think I will be put off with taking pix!! Last pix for the night of SwissotelThe Stamford&StAndrew’sCathedra before turning onto StAndrew’sRd heading to FullertonHotel for a break before getting on the bus. 

Must have lost my camera somewhere along the way to Fullerton, or in Fullerton or the bus. Called the hotel and wrote to SBS lost&found with hopes of good news from them. If not, doubt that I will never see it again. Oh well, nothing much can be done now except for a good night sleep.

Tue: grocery shopping with a heavy heart thinking that I have lost all of Mon pix, but that did not last too long. Fullerton called to inform me that they have located my humble little black camera. Thank you and appreciations to all for your encouraging kind thoughts&words, they must have been heard – I am sooo truly blessed. Welcome back my little black Canon, looks like it needed a break from me, hahaha! Hope that it enjoyed a nice staycation with Lizzy&Robby@FullertonHotel.
Wed: hello Macus, nice to meet a good sport who willingly wants to wander around with me for the day. CityCentreSofitel for the art exhibition of Yip Yew Chong’s Stories from Yesteryear.
The CNY reunion dinner where according to Yip, the son who did not return – to my idealistic imagination, I would like to think that the guy walking up the stairs is the son returning.
Do enjoying seeing the various SIN colourful festive scenes.
Continuing to the former YanKitSwimmingComplex (1952-2001) where the pools are long gone, and this is what it looks like now – panorama shot credits to Marcus.
Glad that the building is still there, renovated, but the circular swinging gate at the entrance is gone – now YanKitPlayfield with excise machines.
Edited with 3above pix Wed7Apr2021: found these older pix from when I returned ~1999-2000 and this old B/W taken from the National Library’s Jubilee Photo Studio in Jun2019.
TanjongPagarCC is lined with ppl waiting for their COVID-19vaccines. Tkx to Macus, will be trying out his EdenFertilizer on my 2plants and will update with the results.
Thu: good to catch up with Inessa@CC where there was a Chaco sales (got a pair for Clem), and then a bite of one of my favourite thin pizzas@OwlsBrew – tkx to Pat for letting me on the secret on how to get the thin crust.

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