30 Jul 2023 – Re-Naa

Thu: first time here in Stavanger – 10mins walk into town to be among thousands of tourists from these AIDA-Sol(2,000+&Nova(6,000+) cruise ships – good for the economy, but not good to be caught in the crowds.  The Cathedral(1121)was closed – a nice stroll around Breiavatnet

Beautifully designed drain out to the pond is such a good idea to bland into the scene. Swan who seemed to be hurt, but was probably just getting up in age and had difficulties in getting up after sitting to long.

Valbergtårnet(1853)former observation tower was the permanent lodging of the watchmen and one of their duties was to alert the people in town when there was a fire. The last guard was TobiasSandstøl, a watchman for 18 years until the year 1922. Famous Norwegian children’s book author TorbjørnEgner knew about this Tobias when he was writing Kardemommeby. Tobias in the ValbergTower from the book is probably him!

Good lunch@Kaffelade – portions were bigger than expected, had to doggie bag and was consumed happily by #6 who was out bird-watching with his dad&friends.

NorwegianPetroleumMuseum(1999)illuminates the oil industry with submersibles, a large drill bit and an escape chute – highly recommended to visit considering that this is the source contributing to the wealth of Norway.

What an amazing culinary experience with our handsome young SIN-Head chef of two-MICHELIN,

MathewLeong@Re-Naa where for him

food is connected to all aspects of our life — from our cultural upbringing, to our relationships with others, and to our emotional nourishment

and that is what he has done so well blending his exquisite taste&presentations.

Decided to go with local Cider&Juices for this meal.

This restaurant is located on the ground-level of EilertHotel – high-end boutique hotel located centrally located The building is originally from 1937 and is a typical example of Norwegian functionalist architecture.

The pent-house on 2-levels is beautifully decorated with fantastic views from the master bedroom and the kitchen above it. This is the kind of view to wake up to and to cook in…

My father says that there is only one perfect view—the view of the sky straight over our heads – EM Foster

Fri: ~20mins on the boat from Stavanger to the island of Sør Hidle.

Flor og Fjære, an unexpected amazing collection of man-made tropical garden on this paradise island.

KK could not resist getting some fresh scallops at the wharf, the restaurant would not open them – quite understandably incase of food-poison. So he opened them himself and they were fresh&yummy. #6 had to walk away while this was happening – hahaha, he had the children’s menu.

Excellent&well-presented 3-course lunch

with juice package to compliment the food.

Saying farewell to Stavanger in the area where this cute little cabin(shaped like a wheelhouse) is located by the sea also where one of the few stretches of long sandy beach in Norway.

Sat: heading back to OSL on the same route, but with one more pax on this road trip. Tkx for this round of road-trip around SouthWest Norway.HighT was another great experience@DalenHotel(1894),one of Norway’s largest wooden buildings and one of the best preserved hotels of its size from the 1800s. The best scones tasted so far…

EidsborgStavkirke for KK and for me to pick up more yummy lefse!

Short visit@HeddalStavkirke, Norway largest stave church from the 13Century that is still use as a parish church today.

Sun: laundry&packing to be ready for my morning flight across the pond tomorrow morning.

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