Katong V

20 Apr 2016 – On East Coast & Marine Parade Rd


Mon: Welcome back to SIN Catherine & Lee. Lunch & coffee at I12. Can never get enough of the East Coast and glad to see that the Red House is coming along and looking forward to its completion. 1923-2005, then The Red House Bakery. And soon this Red House Project will house 42 residential units and five retail shops. Do share if you have old pix shopping there!


The former Paramount Hotel is now East Village Hotel in KatongV with access on both EC and MP Rd.



The lobby is influenced and inspired by the Peranakan culture with a very contemporary touch.


If you can still play games like 5 Stones & Chapteh, let’s get together and have a go at them πŸ™‚



The halal dinner buffet spread at Katong Kitchen***has a wide variety, including nasi ulum, and for me the durian shot glass was my favourite and had 6 of them – yummy yum yum πŸ™‚


Tue: educational and interesting 9-part docu-series to watch with an open-mind. Have watched bits and pieces of it , so happy now to be able to all of it. Believe it or not but much of is logical and common sense!!


Tkx for dinner with Jo & family


Wed: the temps today is predicted to get above 35. Get such a headache when not in the AC and dreading it when I have to go out!



An invitation to participate at the NDC in a treatment outcome research study concerning the survival of endodontically treated cracked teeth – a 10yr review was accepted 2weeks ago. Treatment+X-ray costing S$131.07 was waived and also S$20 cash paid out for transport. The sky opened up while on the dentist chair but cleared when the ordeal was over. Helped to cool down the weather a little. All in all it was a good Humpday πŸ™‚

Going to be real busy the next few days ahead with KV&fam visiting from L’don. Looking forward to catching up and also looking forward to seeing the grandchildren after the weekend.


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