Welcome Norway’s PM Erna Solberg

14 Apr 2016 – To SIN
Tue: valid view-points from all sides but still sad and disappointing that it has come to this. Both LKY&his wife would probably feel the same if they could feel and they certainly do not deserve this 🙁 May they RIP.





Tue is senior-day-discount (3%) at Giant. Prefer to shop at my local wet-market but needed dill and that is not available at the wet-markets. Best to be at the grocery store when it opens at 0900hrs to beat the crowds. And since I am there, might as well get the rest of my grocery for the next few days. Had only one choice of dill, but one is better than none!

Tkx for dinner with sis Jo&family.


Wed: Happy and safe Songkran to those celebrating – refreshing with all the water on these very hot days! And Happy Hump Day to all. Above 2 pix downloaded.


Norway and Singapore enjoy good economic relations, especially in the maritime sector. Our ties go back more than a century. Norway established an honorary consulate here in 1906, soon after it became independent. As PM Solberg told me, the right to establish its own consulates overseas was the final issue which led Norway to dissolve its union with Sweden in 1905 and become an independent country.

During her visit, PM Solberg spoke at the 6th Norway-Asia Business Summit, and gave a public lecture at The International Institute for Strategic Studies Asia (IISS Asia) – Fullerton Lecture Series.

I thanked PM Solberg for Norway’s strong support for Singapore’s participation as an observer in the Arctic Council. Look forward to enhancing the close and longstanding friendship between our countries. – LHL

Photo by LH Goh & KP Seah (ST)

Hjertelig velkommen statsminister Erna Solberg til Singapore. Vi håper at du vil ha et hyggelig opphold her. Explains why the Norwegian flag was up and on a car when walking by the Fullerton Hotel to get to ACM!


Appreciations to Yoshie for the invite to The Urasenke Chado Tradition at ACM. Daisosho SEN Genshitsu (age 92) showed how to bring the people of Japan and SIN closer and by the same token bring the world a big step closer to achieving peace through the agency of the Way of Tea (chado).


The welcoming committee, SR Nathan (SIN ex-President), Haruhisa Takeuchi, (Japan’s new Ambassador to SIN), Yoshie and her lovely friend, Calvin and I.


Admiring the presentation of the sweets served with the tea. This alone is peaceful and pleasing to the eyes 🙂


It has been awhile ago since the last visit to ACM and the River Room, feel strange to be back.


Great to catch up with Seb for a late cuppa – the short pouring rain was refreshing and welcoming after a hot oppressive day. Even sat outside at Starbucks on Bras Basah/Waterloo junction under the extended roof to enjoy every moment of it. Starbucks pix and map downloaded…

Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life – John Updike