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18 Apr 2016 – Weather In SIN & HDB Issues!


Sun: tkx to Calvin at CC for the green bean soup. An hour of cutting for a large bowl of fruit-cocktail was worth the time as it was completely consumed πŸ™‚ The wall-murals are great but will not be able to see them completed before flying off. Looking forward to seeing them when I get back.

Tkx for dropping by Carmel & Catherine who are getting gears for their Camino holidays. Boss himself helping out with foot-wear πŸ™‚



Nice dinner on QueenSt and lovely evening stroll by SAM@8Q. Tkx for good company, Yoshie. Cheerful and colurful benches to rest on too πŸ™‚

Mon: not a good start having to write to HBD because a Mr Lau seemed to have not heard what I said last week and a letter of complain was mailed to me. Sometimes I do wonder if it is a waste of time to talk to certain people as they are not even listening or hearing. Perhaps people like that need their hearing checked.

Boring to many but have to just document this to remind myself that for those people, words in B/W are the only way to communicate!! Thus the email below has been circulated to HDB and cc to NEA highlighting in red-text for them.

Referring to the letter reference dated 12 Apr 2016

6 Apr – received a note regarding the AC. Called to inquire about the situation and was told that the neighbour below complained about my AC leaking.

7 Apr – 0900hrs Mr Lau from Geylang Branch HDB paid a visit to let me know that I needed to place a tray below the AC compressor to avoid it from leaking to the neighbour downstairs. Informed him that I would prefer to talk to my regular AC service people first in spite of his insistence to get the HDB contractor.

8 Apr – visit from my regular AC service contractors to be informed that yes, it is possible to fix a tray but on the other hand no one is able guarantee that if problems of stagnant water appears, especially in a situation when I am unable to monitor it as I travel quite often.

11 Apr – called Mr Lau and suggested for him to let this neighbour (assuming that it is #06-54 who is also his office staff) know that I will be away soon and to use a temporary water-proof mat on top of the compressor so as the leaking condensation does not fall directly below her compressor. Would have explained to her the situation if she directed the problem directly to me, but as it was she went to Mr Lau. So the protocol for me was to direct my message to Mr Lau.

Explained that I will be away from SIN this weekend and back in Jul. And in Jul will only be back for a few days and away again until Oct/Nov. Since I am unable to monitor the tray under the compressor, it would NOT be a good situation if things go wrong and the tray becomes mosquitoes’ breeding ground.

IMG_0345Am more than willing to resolve the situation with a tray when I get back to SIN in Oct/Nov; can then monitor the situation. Seemed like my message has not been taken into consideration to receive this written complain dated 12Apr. One of the neighbours’ AC where another temporarily solution is possible by placing some water-proof mat on top of the compressor so as the leaking condensation does not fall directly below the neighbour’s compressor.
IMG_0379IMG_0378 - Copy
Units 54&52 on 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th floors there are no trays under any compressors and mine is even one of the newer compressors. Units 54 on 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th floors with my AC circled.

Question – how much leakage is normal and how much warrants a complain?? I do dry off some condensation from my above neighbour’s AC unit nearly everyday and this is NOT a complain, but just need to know so as I can explain to my AC contractor what is considered normal leaking condensation. Would appreciate pix to document my AC leaking condensation as my contractor has been here and checked on it and have told me that most ACs will have some leaking condensation, especially during these overwhelming hot weather the past few weeks.

Reading the complain received and asking me to refrain from using the AC do make me wonder who will then take care of me, a senior living alone if I had a heat-stroke and fell or fainted and hit my head???

Call it a case of mis-communication or lost in translation but really it has even been difficult for me to try to talk to a person who does not hear or listen. Thus the above email was the best solution to a situation to those who might try to be objective.

This is probably my most words blog posting ever…