So Long SIN, KV & Family

25 Apr 2016 – Until We Meet Again


Sat: shopping at Plaza SIN to show Christine Spotlight where she can compare the prices of the crafts and tools there to that in the UK. And, no it is not cheaper here in SIN and I know for sure that they are not cheaper than the US, as a matter of fact much more expensive.


Lunched at Kopitiam using my card for the 10%discount. Found some cute wooden signs for the grandkids at ArtsFriend.


Appreciations for dinner at Paragon Crystal Jade Golden Palace (翡翠金阁)****hosted by Les&Ivy. More fine dinning with another voice from Dublin days – Helen Hooi who is also visiting SIN with her husband, Thomas.



Excellent wines with yummy food – my favourite is the bamboo clam. Dinning with Les, one is never in any lack of food! Had to doggie-bag my lamb-chop and noodles, but will certainly be a good lunch tomorrow!! Thus ends this 3days of gourmet fine foods and vintage wines. To KV & family, safe trips to us all until we meet again.


Sun: packing and laundry, my least favourties on the list, but has to be done and will feel much better after the luggage is checked in. Am not sure how others pack, I seem to leave everything out so that I can see what I am packing with me. Sometimes it is sooo overwhelming to see the chaos that I need to close my eyes for a cat- nap.


After traveling like this for over a decade, one might think I am used to it but I still dread the packing and the flying across the oceans, especially when it will be 25+hrs before I get to my destination!

2400sw_white_frontdaypackhero_stuffpack_frontThanks to Calvin@CC for these Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Stuff Pack weighing 0.28lbs/4.4oz/125g. Load capacity: 5-10 lbs/2.2-4.5kg.   Vol: 1800 cu in. (30L)

2400 Southwest (white) weighing 1.79lbs/28.6oz/811g. Load capacity: 20-40 lbs/9-18kg. Interior vol: 2400 cu. in. (40L)

The white one will be my hand-luggage and the Stuff Pack will be folded inside the white one. Still wish to go out and grab a backpack, a tent and disappear for awhile where I can be with Mother Nature.

Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends – Richard Bach

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