27 Apr 2016 – Here We Go Again…


Mon: got the last #36Bus to arrive at T1 by 0015hrs. Bummer that DL does not have early check-in and had to wait till 0300hrs to check in. Such is life when one lives on a budget and in additional, I prefer to be there when it is quiet, especially with all these lovely tulips on display for promotional SIN airlines flights to Amsterdam.



SIN-NRT: movie – Lady In The Van***a BBC production. Dep and arr on time after nearly 7hrs on flight. Had some spare yen from the last trip and time to shop. Like shopping in Japan – their presentations are always a feast to the eyes. Could not resist this mini Green-Tea set, JPY3,000 S$36 and my first purchase for a complete set! Now can still enjoy this tea ritual during quiet times in the US 🙂



NRT-ATL: on schedule after 12.30hrs on a full flight. Watched 4movies, must document them as will probably not remember any of them by tomorrow!! Coincidentally, all 5movies were from different parts of the world. Journey To The Shore/Japanese – fell asleep here with this one. Magallanes/Peru, Mountains May Depart/Chinese, Room/USA. Not fair to rate any of these movies as I was not really with them.


ATL-CAE: remember just hearing the announcement that it might be a bumpy ride due to some local storm clouds, and the last I heard was that we were #3 in line for take off. Was sooo tired that I fell alseep before take off and only to be wakened by landing on this 1hr flight. Arr on schedule onto clear sky as the sun was slowly setting. Good to see Linn waiting for me and got back in time to say goodnight to the Fabulous5.



Tue: safe and sound after a tiring 30hrs ordeal. Such joy to see the family makes it all worth the while. Awakened to the lovely sounds of the birds after a good 8hrs rest. Lazed around unpacking and enjoying time with the family in their lovely home in the tranquil surroundings. Again difficult to get a family pix but I am not in a rush with 2months here and hopefully nobody will be traveling in the next 2 months!



Katy working on her project. Linn’s track team was here for dinner, a carbo-load before their meet. Jeremy, the young coach made a delicious mac&cheese. Nice to meet them – bringing back fond memories of the days she ran CC & track in LHHS when hosting those carbo-load dinners before a meet were a norm.


Always do your best and enjoy yourself. Don’t be upset if you don’t win, you’ve won by doing and simply not giving up – sharing with y’all one of the  of motto my life 🙂

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