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29 Apr 2016 – Is A Life Full Of Activities


Wed: late afternoon by the lake while Linn is at the track meet. Tkx to Cindy for pizza. Zuno loves playing fetch. Priceless expressions from the FaBulous5. Katy the teenage – help get me out of here. Ellie the pre-teen – hello, here am I. John the handsome dude – are you done with that camera? Sophie the princess – all I want for Christmas is my 2front teeth. James the baby – the sun is in my eyes πŸ™‚



Thu: believed to be the oldest house in CAE this 200yrs Seibels House is located in the heart of downtown historic district. One the most treasured buildings, the house was donated to Historic CAE in 1984 and adapted for offices and rental space. If you are willing to pay anything from US$1,000+ to 2,000+ per day, you can rent the ground floor and the gardens.



Lunched at Spotted Salamander****serving classic southern dishes with a modern twist. Deviled eggs, Crispy Pork Belly Salad (warm Carolina Heritage Farms Pork Belly, Cured Kimchi Apple, Candied Sunflower Seeds, over Greens with Sesame Vinaigrette), Croinuts. Creativity of the food, friendly service and have been told that the menu changes daily makes this place well-worth another visit. Opens only for lunch.

First shopping day back in the US and I go crazy, especially in the liquor store where the prices are more affordable as compared to that in SIN. Walmart is of course a must!

Thank you and bless this family and the taco salad dinner, amen! Am on Cloud9 with the FaBulous5 and their parents. Appreciations to Linn for the introduction to Moscow Mule – the name itself is an amusing combination, cow+mule=Vodka Buck (cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime and served in a copper mug).

Fri: TGIF and 12hrs behind SIN. Looks like I will be heading to meet up with AT hiking buddies for Trail Days 13-15May. Tkx to Wiggs who will be arranging accommodations and MoFo has kindly offered me a ride.

2008TD-VA (2)trail-days-logo2008TD-VA (1)

Did not plan on this and did not have any intentions to go, especially after HiHill’s freak accident in 2013 πŸ™ The only time there after the thru’hike was in 2008. Sometimes very strange things happen for a reason. What are the chances that MoFo’s fence repair email was cc to me by mistake, and at the same time I received Wiggs message asking if I will be at Trail days?????? Telepathy for some hikers πŸ™‚

One would like to know, for most people, being denied reliable telepathic communication, reach for the phone, which they feel is more reliable – Heinrich BΓΆll

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  1. I love our telepathic communication & so glad you are joining for Trail Days – Miss Wiggy

    • Looking much forward to this and hope that HiHills & Franklin will also be able to make it. Too bad that Loon away on another hike. Good if Gadget and T2 could also be there! Thank you Wiggs for getting this together with our telepathic start πŸ™‚

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