Hello Cousin YatSoon & Family

11 Apr 2016 – Visiting From London


Fri: welcome to SIN cousin Yat-Soon, Helen, Merle & MeiMei from L’don. Last time we met up 2013 when thru’hiking UKc2c. Here with 10&16aunties, cousin Wilson.



Merle was all excited seeing the view of MBS. She has seen it on her teacher’s screen-saver and recognized it. Appreciate the time with the Yeos and MeiMei who manged to take a power-nap before a local dinner at Marina Square Food Court with a view.


Edited 14Apr – Words from YatSoon who is the only child from 9auntie: My recent trip to the Far East has made me contemplate my family heritage. I am very proud of my parents who came to the UK in around 1960. Though both from affluent family backgrounds and well educated (although both regretted that their education was interrupted by the war) they went into business, like so many immigrants, through food. They both loved their food and we’re both expert cooks. In the mid 1960’s they ran one of the few Singaporean/Malaysian/Chinese restaurants in London. As a result they catered for the visiting parties of Singaporean/Malaysian dignitaries who regularly visited the UK for governmental discussions regarding the complex political and sovereignty issues of the time. This historical photo from the early 1960’s shows my father with Tunku Abdul Rahman (founding Prime Minister of Malaysia) and Lee Kwan Yew (founding Prime Minister of Singapore) at one such banquet. For those who don’t know who’s who visually, I challenge you to identify the two visionary statesmen and the one humble cook (who also played the cello, loved Italian opera… and ended up quite liking the harpsichord!).

Pix credits of 9uncle with LKY and Tunku Abdul Rahman to YatSoon. Wedding pix form 1957 of 9auntie&uncle with father&mother and me in my collection. Glad to have someone in the family who is interested in his heritage too.


Sat: A quick bite and so long YatSoon & family. Safe journeys and great to catch up. Beautiful tulips are in at Changi Airport T2.


Way to go Linn – at the Palmetto half Marathon, Columbia SC USA. Pix credits to Alex – tkx for sharing these lovely pix.


Sun: introducing Zarina to the Peranakan culture. Enjoyed a great afternoon on East Coast and Joo Chiat Rds.


At East Coast Pk to share our tribute to Michael, our parents and ancestors for Tomb Sweeping Day tradition. It is only befitting as Michael connected us when Zarina first moved to SIN. It was indeed a beautiful day for a lovely gesture to our departed loved ones. May they all RIP. Tkx to Zarina for suggesting that we get flowers to throw into the sea.


Mon: appreciations to SY for the company to Mandai Crematorium to pay respects to father and mother for this ChingMing festival. More construction on the way there and good to see these construction workers stretching out before the start of their work day.

The AC Story from my side as the other side has yet to approach me directly!

6Apr – received a note regarding the AC.  Called to inquire about the situation and was told that the neighbour below complained about my AC leaking.

7Apr – 0900hrs Mr Lau from Geylang Branch HDB paid a visit to let me know that I needed to place a tray below the AC compressor to avoid it from leaking to the neighbour downstairs. Informed him that I would prefer to talk to my regular AC service people first in spite of his insistence to get the HDB contractor.

8Apr – visit from my regular AC service people to be informed that yes, it is possible to fix a tray but on the other hand, there is no guarantee that MOE will approve if problems of stagnant water appears, especially in a situation when I am unable to monitor it as I travel quite often.


Pix of one of the neighbours AC where another solution is possible by placing some water-proof mat on top of the compressor so as the leak or condensation does not fall directly below the neighbour’s compressor. Other pix also show that no other ACs have a tray under the compressors.

11Apr – called Mr Lau to suggest that he talk to the person who complained to him (assuming that it is #06-54 who is also his office staff). He still insisted that the HBD contractors can placed a tray under the compressor. My point is that he is not even willing to suggest to try with an easier alternative and even told me to talk to the neighbour directly.

This is quite unacceptable as the complain went thru’ HDB. Would NOT have any problems talking directly to the person who complained if she directed her issues to me but as it is she made the complain to HDB.

Thank you to Calvin and Yusof for hearing me out…

With a monologue, you can be unendingly elliptical – Mike Birbiglia

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