7 Apr 2016 – Lack Of Integrity or Honesty


Mon: Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca helped firms subject to sanctions…

and here are just a fraction of the leaders (directly or indirectly) of the countries whose names have been mentioned – Xi Jinping (China),  Sigurdur Johannsson (Iceland), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Petro Poroshenko (Ukrainian), David Cameron (UK)…


Here is a brilliant way to explain this that even I can understand…


Tue: it is no wonder the world is as it is when so-called leaders are so corrupted! Need to really get away back to nature and do a long long walk. But first grocery shopping for senior day!


Appreciations to Simplicius (visiting from Sydney) for dropping by to try out the Yamaha and for dinner at Glory***Walked to the MPCC and was in luck to get this Follow that Rainbow pin for SY, also more luck to stumble upon another Play me I’m Yours – made from balloons of cheerful colours with much hot-air and matching the pin 🙂


Wed:  heading bright and early to NDC to remove stitches. Short and painless appointment by handsome young dentist! They seemed to get younger or rather it is me who is aging – lol


Amazed at all the constructions going on en route from NDC to Chinatown. Interesting history in these areas that some are not even aware of – the old Outram Prison was once located here!


Thank you to Daisy for yummy coffee-mocha shaved-iced which helped me with shopping for gifts in Chinatown and kept me going for the rest of the day. Always a delight catching up with Daisy.


Somehow Chinatown seems always interesting, no matter how many times I have been there. Chinatown Heritage Centre is newly revamped but has to be another time to revisit. The mural for this eatery on Sago St is quite intrigued. A quick look at a distance, one might think it is the real interior of the restaurant.


Gifts for the L&J, M&B, granddaughters are of no problems but not so easy for the grandsons. Still have a few more weeks (between overseas visitors!) to figure out before packing!!



Thu: if you are enjoying your afternoon as much as these two, then you are doing something right 🙂 Tkx to Calvin and Andrew for whiskey tasting at CC where the wall and floor murals are getting new make-overs!


Wall murals seemed to be the in-thing recently…

old national library2569512767_af9a749fa4View towards the shore

For those who remember the Old National Library Building (1960-2004), pix downloaded from various sites. Today, all that remains of the building at its original site are two red-bricked entrance pillars standing near the Fort Canning Tunnel. You can find a wall mural of it at CC. Drop by for a visit and a cuppa!

Have to deal with a complain from downstairs neighbour who went directly to HDB about leakage of the AC. Was not even aware that my AC was leaking. Will call them and find out what it is all about…


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