CHAN Branch In Sarawak

16 Apr 2016 –  More Cousins From Paternal Grandmother



Thu: hello cousins Karen & Sharon from paternal grandmother, CHAN side from Sarawak. Tkx for good company, wine and chocolates. Appreciations to them for taking the time to share my simple home-made lunch – Salmon Roll, Irish Stew and Fresh Berries served on the Irish Shanagarry pottery! Food pix credits to Sharon who takes real good pix.

Usually Karen would host a CNY full day drooling buffet and with her parents visiting from KCH. This year she spent CNY in KCH, thus a get-together at my place to catch up for this year.

Still trying to figure out the relationship and as far as I can understand, Karen’s mom auntie Ngor and Sharon’s mom are my father’s cousins from his mother side! Not so simple where polygamy is in the equation.


5bc9ff67dfd7395ceb410fc1912d32f7Fri: like this wall-mural on block 34 Marine Cres. Appreciations to Gel for the visit and rather concern with both her emotional and physical health.

The Tea Ceremony with Daisosho SEN Genshitsu on Wed  triggered off the memory of a 1989 TV Mini-Series The Ginger Tree*****Made an impression on me then.

Re-watched it on YouTube and enjoyed it. Still a movie-buff but do not usually remember them – this must be one of the better ones for me to want to re-watch!


Based on a book by Oswald Wynd which is quite a dry read, but Masterpiece Theater TV Mini-Series did an excellent job on it.

Early 1900s, a young Scotswoman travels to marry her diplomat fiancé in Manchuria/China during the turmoils of war. A marriage without love and in an alien country, she falls in love with a married Japanese Count and bears him a son. Being ostracized from her European group, she learns to survive 40+ tumultuous years in Asia, including 2WWs and the cataclysmic Tokyo earthquake of 1923…


Sat: Rescue crews scrambled through rubble Saturday morning in a desperate search for survivors of a magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck Japan’s Kyushu Island, the same region rattled by a 6.2 quake two days earlier – CNN

Also another earthquake – Myanmar shaken by 6.9 magnitude earthquake last Wed. 3earthquakes within 4days. Mother Nature is shaking with fury to see how we are slowly destroying her 🙁 🙁 🙁

Prayers and thoughts are out to those affected for the 3 earthquakes. Strange that I was watching The Ginger Tree and probably at the earthquake scene when the earthquake happened…


Am I getting over-sensitive?? Freaking out with these kind of telepathic incidents! Is there such a thing as the Subconcious-Mind-Mental-Telepathy???

Because of technology, we don’t develop telepathy. We don’t use telepathy, but use, you know, the mobile phones. Why? – Marina Abramovic

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