A Perfect Morning

14 Aug 2013  – Goodbye to Robin Hood’s Bay


Tue: 0600hrs the sky was cloudless while waiting for the cab. A final view of RHB, one of the most charming villages soon to be in the memory but not forgotten.  Words from this poor writing skills will not be able to describe as these pix on this very perfect high-tide morning with hopes of returning some day. Am told by the cab driver that there are some people in the next village name LAM who are in the boarding school, and no do not know of them nor know of any family members who are in this area! How lucky to be for them but probably at that age, they will not agree and we have all been that age once 🙂


30mins by cab to Scarborough (too early for bus!) app 17mi 27km GBP28 S$55, ouch! Followed by another 114mi 183km 2.42hrs on the 0700hrs train from Scarborough with 8 stops, Seamer, Malton, York, Garforth, Leeds. Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Manchester Piccadilly for the so-called Manchester  Airport Express GBP23 S$45. Some fast shots thru’ the train window as it was moving too fast and when it slowed and stopped, the stations are not that exciting for the camera to be in action (pix: dep Scarborough,  arr York, dep Leeds)!


Sky was grey and the rains started by the time reaching Manchester Airport T1.  Just like most airport but has an interesting roof at Gate 32. 07.53hrs C$1,056 S$1.300 OW ticket from Manchester to Toronto on Air Transat (with many crying babies!!) is on time on an uneventful flight watching to 2 movies, A Royal Affair***/Danish and The Other Son****/French. The immigration took less than 5 mins but the baggage wait for 30mins! Airport Express bus 45min to town C$42 S$51. Appreciations to cousin Yun for picking me up at the Westin Habour Castle.


What a shock it is to be back in a city with the traffic and the so-called civilization…

Civilized society is perpetually menaced with disintegration through this primary hostility of men towards one another – Sigmund Freud

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