Day 11 UKc2c

7 Aug 2013 – Yorkshire Dales

Tue 6Aug 2013 – Day 11 Richmond – Danby Wiske 12.5m/20km  0700-1400hrs


A glorious morning to be leaving Richmond but that is life.  Walking and saying goodbye to River Swale as the path will be moving away inland after Bolton-On-Swale.


Thank you, sweet Kate who was walking her dogs, showed the old railway bridge and put me on the correct path to Catterick Bridge. Kate is about the same age as Katy and that got me thinking of all the grandchildren and how much I am looking forward to seeing them again.


Crossing the road was quite a challenge in the busy morning traffic. Glad to see Brompton-On-Swale behind and safely back to the footpath with Catterick Bridge in the background.


Goodbye to the Daft WellyWalkers (today there are 5 of them!) as they will be marching on to Ingleby Cross tonight. Thank you for crossing paths at this stage of life’s journey. Will miss not seeing them on the trail. May the sun rays shine on our paths and keep us safe all the way into Robin Hood’s Bay.


St Mary’s Church and the Old Pump House at Bolton-On-Swale. There is also a memorial to Henry Jenkins who died at age 169!!



The path continues onto farmlands and the rest on to long quiet road walks in company of many white delicate butterflies.  George Baker, the owner of Whitwell Farm stopped to have a chat as he was wondering where I am from; so far, have not seen any Asians doing this hike!


Heading to StreetLAM! and with a name like that, had to take a pix. A tree house on the path and a house with beautiful flowers just a few steps off the path.


To Danby Wiske, happy to see the couple with the dog and the 2 ladies with their dog. They will be staying elsewhere as White Swan does not permit dogs.

Night: Tue 6Aug at White Swan Danby Wiske. Room with separate bathroom, dinner+a glass of wine, packed-lunch GBP63 S$122

I don’t think l’d change the path that’s got me where I am today –  Curtis Joseph

3 thoughts on “Day 11 UKc2c

  1. Again a beautiful day and beautiful scenery. Fancy finding a hamlet called Streetlam. You can say that you are “on the lam” now! According to Wikipedia this is the tedious part of the walk because it is so flat. Are you finding that?

    • Every part of this walk have their beauty. Flat makes it an easier walk and more time to take pix and side track to see what is around the corner that is not part of the trail. I think walking is only tedious when one does not like to walk, otherwise it is rather therapeutic for both body and soul…

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