Plus & Minus…

16 Apr 2012 – … that is what life is about!

Being so used to having all the conveniences, the weekend has been quite a challenge! The kitchen and bathroom are being repainted with a new sink and toilet installed. Sat 13.30hrs no access to both rooms for at least 24hrs. Decided to go for a swim at Katong Swimming Complex which has been avoided in the weekends. Weekdays would have cost me 50cents (seniors) with an additional 20cents for a small locker. Weekends cost 60cents. Because of the rains it was pleasantly quiet in the pool.

This complex is not new and as far as my memory goes, swam here with niece Pat/May when she was a toddler who is now over 40 with a daughter soon going on 9yrs. Took grand-daughter Katy here when JohnW was born. Certainly slightly run-down but clean.

Sun: early congee breakfast at the local market and to use the public restroom there. Was surprised how clean it is and having to pay 10cents upon entry was well worth it! Living is SIN really has many +++ but the – is mainly due to kiasu attitudes of the people caught in this rat-race which unfortunately often brings out uncourteous and ungracious behaviours 🙁

So very nice to catch up with Garry from Australia (his birthplace) and Bali (his retreat/hideaway!). Been a couple of years since we last met. Celebrating a belated 60th Bday lunch with him and nephew Clement who has recently renovated his flat. Congratulations to his tasteful designs. 

Have a wonderful week…

If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world – Francis Bacon

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