3 in 1…

1 Apr 2012 – with a new addition to the purple generation!

Sat: belated bday celebrations for niece Pat and grandniece Elizabeth/Beth, 2 weeks young and the new additional to the purple generation born on the same day as her mother on St Patrick’s Day. Beth is # 22nd from the purple generation (LAM Tin Yue’s branch) and one more due in Jun this year for this generation… to my knowledge just one more for 2012 🙂

Happy 75th Bday to sister Jo.

The Yeows must have the smallest pet aquarium with mini shrimps and fish, app half and inch/1.2cm in size! David being a good photographer has filled a wall in their apartment with lovely pix.

Appreciations for including me in their celebrations with yummy dinner. Denise in Brisbane/Aus, do not freak out, the fish-head Assam curry is delicious, same goes for yam-ring and the rest of the food. Two sinful bday cakes, chocolate and strawberry.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead if I do not have the chance to blog for next week!

No Apr Fool… getting ready to ride the Tiger again (for the 3rd time this year) bound for KCH tomorrow 🙂

Apr Special Dates

2 Apr – Happy Bday Marianne HUSTAD

4 Apr – Happy Bday Richard YUNG

6 Apr – Good Friday. Happy Easter

8 Apr – Happy Bday Torill WISTNER

12 Apr – Happy Bday Peggy TAN

15 Apr – Happy Bday Lynne ONG/MICHEALS & Aileen KOH

17 Apr – Happy Bdays Anne STENSETH, Sharon KOH & Sara LAM

21 Apr – Happy Bday Gilbert CHAN

22 Apr – Happy Bday Ike BOROWSKY

29 Apr – Happy Bday Stanley LAM

30 Apr – Happy Bday JohnWT CHENG

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me – Chinese Proverb