Farewell to the Trees…

6 Apr 2012 – to paper lingerie!!

This trip wraps the KCH trips for this year now that the family property Jalan Reservoir has been sold with the main bulk of the shares distributed and company into liquidation! This 3.39acres/147,688sq ft prime-land has been in our family for the past 4 decades and now it is time to let go.

Saying goodbyes to the trees was not that easy. Fate had its way that it was not meant for us to develop this and who knows when the new owner will start bringing the bull-dozer in? Rumours have it that there are plans for luxurious condos and self-service apartments…

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues – Dr. Seuss

Grateful to be able to spend some quality time with bro Lawrence. Arrived Mon evening and headed to the Rotary dinner and talk by Mr Soo. Tkx for including me with the fellow Rotarians@Telang Usan Hotel, which is owned by one of the Rotarians. Lawrence had the Nasi Goreng Belacan/Shrimp Fried Rice and I had the Ayam Masak Merah/Chicken in Oyster Sauce, both tasty.


Tue: Thai food lunch with Lawrence & Mabel and Chuan@Absolute Tribal 喜悦***/Hills Shopping Mall by Pullman KCH Hotel. Interesting decor, a pillar of coffee beans and drift wood!


Dinner@the.Dyak****excellent tribal food. Tepus Suring/wild ginger, Petai Gulai Kechala/bitter nuts, Manuk Lulun/chicken cooked in bamboo. Their Tuak/rice wine ice cream is to die for! Yummy organic food with no MSG. Tkx to Kenson for dinner who also is in KCH for a project. Pix with Lawrence & Mabel, Kenson and Vernon, the owner. Seems like both K & I have this place on the top of our list!


Wed: a morning drive to view Lawrence’s properties followed by museums. Was fortunate to view different displays in all the 3 different buildings: Fossil Wood, B/W photos of the Baram & Tinjar and the intrigue interior painting in the main building.

A sentimental walk to Jalan Reservoir which is just behind the museum. The trees there were not the kind that would turn to fossil wood even if left untouched. But all trees are beautiful, especially those that can grown strong!

Taiwanese lunch@Xian Ding Wei Restaurant***鲜定味/Spring Mall with all the Easter setups! These colourful pix were taken with all my grandchildren in mind.


Midin & seafood dinner…

Thu: morning walk by the river, Carpenter St, Main Bazaar with the contrast from the White Raja times to the shop houses. No disrespect to the dead and Ching Ming month is ongoing. Nowadays, not only can one can get laptops, credit cards etc, even umbrellas and lingerie all made of paper to be burnt to the underworld.  What next…

Delicious local kolo mee breakfast@Sin Min Joo***with Lawrence and his lawyer. According to the locals, the half hour long line is worth waiting! Lunch with Chuan and tkx for the drive to the airport. Wishing him and his lovely family the very best of luck for their futures.

Appreciations to my KCH family, Chuan, Kenson and the others who crossed this path for all their hospitality and company.

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating.