Kuriya Penthouse*****

13 Apr 2012 – @Orchard Central

Omakase – I’ll leave it to you in Japanese, signifying deference, respect, and trust towards the chef. Ordering an omakase menu in a restaurant relinquishs all power the customer has over his culinary autonomy. This place must really be good to take up a complete posting!

Tkx to Les & Ivy for including me in the company of Yew Huat and Angie. The food was attractively presented, fresh and tasty. Starters with a combination of seafood followed by a spinach dish and an eatable flower!

Sashimi with delicious sea-urchin, baby squid, etc… Ivy’s stomach was not feeling up to raw fish, she had a fried fish. After the sashimi came a grilled fish dish.

Beef with your own stone to cook on, and 2 seconds on each side was just my taste. The red wine was a perfect match for this dish.

The guys enjoyed their cigars while the ladies chat, tasting a sweet dessert wine on the rooftop with views of Orchard Rd skylines. Even though have never been a smoker, the smell of cigars and pipes bring back fond memories of my father. What a wonderful way to end this Thu evening. The champagne and wines brought by Les to compliment every dish made this dinner one of the most memorable where food and wines are concerned.

If there is sashimi dish you live to eat, this must be it! Appreciations and congratulations to Master Chef Koezuka for a Japanese meal which caught my total attention 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Songkran to those celebrating it…