26 Apr 2012 – School of the Arts

Appreciations to John for his visit. Got to see and do lots in spite of the hot humid weather!

Wo Peng Restaurant****Furuma Hotel in Chinatown. Excellent BBQ Whole 3kg Suckling Pig enjoyed even by Lucas! If Beth has teeth, she too would have liked this dish but for now, her sucking reflex overpowers the suckling pig 🙂

The orange generation enjoying the Fried Prawn with Salted Egg. SunSun, like her father is not a fan of food! Memories of Lee having a mouth full of food which took him forever to chew!! The other dishes: Steamed Grouper in HKG Style, 8 Treasures Duck, sautéed Mini Fungus with Lily Bulb and Vegetables and Mango Pudding. Thank you to Lawrence for hosting the family dinner and to Les & Ivy for all the wines.

School of the Arts (SOTA) is SIN first national pre-tertiary specialised arts school to offer a 6-year unique integrated arts and academic curriculum for youths aged 13-18 years old. With an unusual handicapped ramp and vertical gardens, this interesting building is located at the beginning of Orchard Rd.

Strange shape from the condensations of a passionfruit ice tea bottle@Cathay Basement. Lunching and saying goodbye to Tommy who will be heading back to the USA after his one semester@SMU. Safe journeys and good luck to him for his intern@DC and to his final year@Lehigh/PA, USA.

Lehigh is a reminder of the Twilight Zone from the AT Hike where a century of unregulated emissions from zinc-mining destroyed the surroundings. It was an extremely disturbing barren site then! Hopefully the new trees that were planted will grow again!

Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit under – Greek proverb