Parkview Square

18 Apr 2012 – Food Tasting & Tourist Guiding…

Welcome JohnC from HKG for his annual SIN cuisine & movies tours! Appreciations for his help to pick the menu for Tue 24 Apr dinner! Watched two movies, Funny People & Street Dance. Nothing to write home about but good way to pass time on these hot, humid and rainy afternoons!

Food tasting@Wo Peng Restaurant****Furama Hotel in Chinatown for a family dinner next week to be hosted by bro Lawrence. The 3 dishes tasted were good, but on the salty side. Have requested to the chef on cutting down with the salt.

Stuffed home-made tofu
Stewed egg plants with minced pork
Roasted crispy pork belly

Completed in 2002, the bar in the lobby of Parkview Square has a unique 3-storey high wine chiller…

and is one of the more expensive office buildings in SIN. Interesting classic Art Deco style. Houses the embassies of Austria, Mongolia and the United Arab Emirates. In the centre of the plaza is a statue of a golden crane with it’s head lifted, pointing towards the direction of Mainland China, it’s wings in pre-flight mode. On the pedestal, a Chinese poem is written:



The poem refers to a mythical crane looking towards the direction of its temple (a place of worship in Hubei/China) and eager to fly the thousands of miles back — depicting the homesickness of the owner!

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home – Author Unknown