A Final-Year Project

14 Apr 2012 – Congratulations to 3 Fine Young Ladies…

With Singapore ageing population, there is a need to explore how seniors can be effectively engaged to remain active contributors to our society, and to promote the notion that seniors can and ought to live in a meaningful and purposeful manner. Through our Chinese news feature, we hope to address ageing issues and debunk stereotypes of the aged by profiling active seniors who will inspire fellow seniors and younger Singaporeans too.

…NG Sie Yen, SEOW Kia Hui and WU Shiyan for presenting their impressive looking final-year project@Nanyang Technological University NTU/SIN. Appreciations to be included in their project, even though unable to read Chinese 🙂

Has it already been 4 months ago since they interviewed me on a rainy day?


Seemed like yesterday I received their email explaining about their project and asked if they could include me in their project. Was then in the USA and explained that I will not be back in SIN until Nov 2011. Thus the interview and communications by email started in Sep/Oct 2011. How time has passed and now will soon be heading back to Norway & USA again!

Some might be reluctant to admit that we are getting on in age, but that should not stop us from living life to the fullest. Especially now in these ‘Golden Years’ when it is the last lap. Go live out your dreams with no regrets but without malice or harming anyone by actions or words intentionally!


Active aging requires us to go on living life to the full no matter how differently – Joan Chittester