From Stoneage…

22 Apr 2012 – to Delicacy!

Window shopping is another nice past-time, especially after a long  buffet dinner@Pariss Buffet & Banquet Restaurant***in Marina Square. Buffet is usually not on the top of my list but wanted to show John the wide selections of food here. Have had better and fresher food there!

Just around the corner from Pariss is Stoneage. Have always enjoyed looking at natural unpolished crystals and unusual stones. Saw a new piece, Desert Rose but could only afford a tiny piece. This is a beautiful variety of gypsum that forms in the spaces between sand particles. It traps the loose sand in a unique flower-like crystal structure. Desert rose usually forms spherical and disc-shaped crystals with a range of graceful curving lines. Very large desert roses are rare. The owner and her delightful daughter of Stoneage are most helpful and informative.

A whole month has gone since the birth of grand-niece Beth. Celebrated her one month’s day with red eggs and lovely cakes delivered on 17 Apr. Appreciations to PatLynn & David for the goodies and brunch on Sat in their condo’s clubhouse. Lucas was too busy with his balloon to bother about his sister’s one month’s day 🙂

The newly renovated Shaw Lido Cineplex, Orchard Rd has been long due and they have done quite a decent job. The Cesar Salad@Cine Cafe***was quite good.

La Délicatesse/Delicacy*** French movie about Nathalie who has the perfect life until one day her husband dies in an accident and brings her world crashing down. She then focuses on work, leaving her emotions on the sidelines. But in a surprise twist of fate, Nathalie kisses a most unlikely man…

True delicacy is not a fragile thing – James Broughton