A Total Mess

11 Apr 2012 – Repairs & Repaint

Aug 1999: bought this HDB 3 room flat for S$170,000 and renovated it. After nearly 13yrs, the kitchen ceiling is spading and needs repair, the floors and walls have hair-line cracks and need a new layer of paint. Have also decided to get the bathroom a new layer of paint on the floor and walls. Considering what people are now willing to pay for this flat, over S$400,000 is really crazy, would not be able to afford to buy it now!

And we are talking about public housing! so imagine the price of private condos in SIN…!!

Tue: went shopping at IKEA for a few things, like a bracket to place the microwave. Of all the days to shop, there were problems with the systems. Had to wait for over half and hour so that the cashiers can reboot their registers. Even with the long lines and wait, the crowd was civilised and chocolate was passed around to humour us 🙂

Have to live with this mess for a few days. There will be workmen doing the job here, unlike in Norway when I had to do most of the painting! So let this be 2012 spring cleaning! Expecting visitors from Bali this weekend, HKG and Goa next week. Then to close and shut down for the summer. Am considering to spend Thanksgiving in the USA this year. Tickets have been booked to fly off 4 May heading to OSL first.

Spring cleaning is all about personal satisfaction. It is the time of year that triggers homeowners to revive their home and renew their lives – Peter Walsh