Happy Easter/God Påske 2012

9 Apr 2012 – New Toy – Acer Aspire S3

Sat: Easter presents to myself, no chocolate or eggs but an ultra slim, 13mm/0.51″ slim and ultra light at less than 1.35kg/3.0lbs are really the ++s! 13.3″/33.8cm LED Screen with the embedded lithium-polymer battery lasting up to 7 hours. Will probably take me forever to figure how to use it! Wonder if there are ultra instant instructions?? But it sure looks elegant and so much lighter to carry 🙂

Tkx to Leonard for helping to choose and for loading up this new toy. Including an external DVD drive and a wireless mouse all for S$1,198. According to Leonard, my high-tech guru, it is time for this new notebook after having the old laptop for nearly 4yrs.

Congratulations and good luck to him for a new job. Refreshing ginger tea and crayfish salad@TCC /Funan***after a whole day of fun shopping… 🙂 🙂

Sun: tkx to Les & Ivy for chicken rice & yummy veggie Easter dinner@Boon Ting Kee/River Valley Rd***


Yeah my first blog posting on this new toy and quite a novelty with a cordless mouse! Did it, but has taken more time with a smaller screen compared to the previous laptop. Anything new does take some getting use to…

Eventually I found it had been working all along-but didn’t show anything on-screen until it had the first full-page of text. I inserted 30 new lines, and suddenly my toy said ‘hEllO woRlD’. An hour later I understood alphabet shifting rather better – Graham Nelson

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