Trail Days From 2008-present

16 May 2022: Teamwork Lessons

Thu: one of my favourites – a meaningful&profound message without saying anything especially in today’s world circumstances&stituations! To all in Finland&Sweden+other countries who are feeling threatened by the stronger&super powers, including where I am today, stay united&strong. Hoping&praying that peace&love be with us all. Tkx to Robert for the share, was searching for it – and as he said  the only Motivational propaganda I take.

It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed – Charles Darwin

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all, especially to paraskevidekatriahobics. Paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia both are defined as the fear of Friday the 13th, and like all superstitions, etc the only thing we may have to fear is fear itself.

Sat: made some salad for staff@CC as their kitchen is out of action until next month. Appreciations to Calvin, Sam & Wendy’s good company for last night’s Vietnamese dinner at MrsPhoHouse/RangoonRd despite of too salty food and poor service – should have taken it as a sign when there were only a few tables of ppl there! Would NOT recommend this location, had better meals at the BeachRd location. Tkx to Wendy for the ride back to the East and for the chat.

Sun: Happy Vesak Day to all celebrating&marking the day. Somehow this downloaded pix is smoothing to my eyes, just added the orange text to fit the day! Chatting with both daughters in USA&Norway early hours this morning – delighted and looking forward to US arrivals on Wed13Jul. Have been now informed&updated that #3 will also be visiting, the only one of my 6grandchildren who is born in SIN and now he is at last getting to visit his birth-country since his birth in 2006.

Sooo missing my AT-hiking-buddies this 2022-Trail-Days! Congratulations to HiHills for her PorscheTaycon fully electric in a frosted berry color – tkx to Wiggs for pix

First TrailDays attended: 2008:



2018: was Bear’s final&last TrailDays, but hopefully I can be there again for 2023-Trail-Days! Has not been too easy to arrange to meet for these TrailDays being also end of the year for school events&functions for the USgrandchildren. Tkx to MoFo who made these gatherings possible by driving me there&back over the years.

Mon: enjoying this public holiday starting with breakfast with Helen at MarineTerraceMarket and a walk-about to check out the to-be MarineTerraceMRTstation – pix credits to Helen.

A stroll with Leonard between charming back-lanes

to discover KỳAnhQuán/JooChiatRd – the best roasted quails tasted, will be back to taste the other dishes! Highly recommended – a perfect wet-cool afternoon to snooze, especially when things are spinning around like the old LPs, now in hands with Leo and tkx to him for IT-help and to make sure that I did not black-out, hahaha!

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