Trail Days (2) 2017

22 May 2017 – Parade, Dinner&Banquet

Sat: breakfast@Zazzy’z and enjoying the companies of Wiggs, MoFo, Whamo, Lizard, Loon&RisingEagle for Trail Days at the food, craft, beer and gears vendors.

Watching from the comforts under a shaded-porch of the Hikers Inn – appreciations to Lee&Paul. A good turn up, especially from the 2017group for the parade, great to see Loon&Rising Eagle in the parade. The sky opened up just after the parade passed by the Hikers Inn. Attended Jen Pharr’s talk on A Thru-Hiker Recovery Program.

Sooo good to see HiHills&Franklin. Dinner@Rain****(without any rain!) appreciations to them for taking a detour to catch up and for dinner. Tkx to Raising Eagle for his entertainment and finally to meet him.

Sun: wet morning but happy to capture a Kodak moment patch of sunrise. Bye and tkx for this time round Alpine Motel. Breakfast@MoJo’s recommended by Lee.

Wet wet drive (practically a tropical storm at some stretches) in VA, TN, (providing Trail-Magic again@Sam’sGap), NC, back to SC and a stop for lunch@FatzCafe. Many tkx to Wiggs&MoFo for driving and do understand that it is not easy on him not knowing when the grandson decides to pop out to this world! All’s well that ends well and he will be back home for the birth of his grandson.

And I am happy to be back in time for the Irmo High Track Banquet –  appreciations to Coach Barry Lee as this is his last track season. Good to meet his family, Amy & their 3boys, Graham, Andrew and Ryan and nice to catch up with Denise, Ashley and Lily again.

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