Trail Days 2017

20 May 2017 – Damascus, VA

Mon: feeling blessed watching my first-born in the serenity with her new toy on the lake.

Tue: an efficient day – getting a phone and tkx to Brian@Walmart for his patience for setting this flip-phone to working mode for me (now I have 2phones and do not really know how to use them?? but tkx to Katy, I might now know how to text ūüôā ); driver’s license renewed@DMV for US$12.50/S$18 and sorting out bank matters. Appreciations to Linn for the use of her car.

Wed: hurra for 17mai from us in the US. Had to make a quick run to Walmart to pick up a new US flag, the old one was torn and it would be disrespectful to have it next to the Norwegian one! Being a weekday and with L&J having a meeting to attend, did not celebrate to the full extent, but marked the day with the colours!

Thu: 0930hrs headed for¬†Trail Days¬†Festival in¬†Damascus/VA. Lunch@BT’sBurgerJoint***Biltmore Park Town Square Asheville. Had the low-carb burger with loads of onions, yummy! Taken by iphone, forgot to charge battery in camera.

MoFo, the Trail Angel@Sam’sGap with¬†Sky&Spontaneous, a soon to be triple-crown from S-Korea.

Tkx to MoFo, we got into Damascus 1500hrs and he got the chance to do whatever he needed to get his gears ready for his PCT hike and I got my 12yrs old GraniteGear pouch fixed. This is the location most of us thru’-hikers get our camping and hiking stuffs repaired, thus known to us hikers as the friendliest trail-town.

Appreciations to One Way Ministry for the Hiker Feast@The FireHall with MoFo& Whamo, good chicken and coleslaw. A good time was had by all and everyone had their bellies filled

Fri: TGIF after a good night sleep@Alpine Motel/Abingdon, ready for a lovely morning and a delightful 13k/8m (3hrs) walk from Alvarado to Damascus with MoFo&Whamo on the Virginia Creeper Trail with the flow of South Fork Holston River.

Plenty of wide-life including having the privilege to witness a turtle (have been told by Yung from KCH that it is a alligator snapping turtle) laying eggs on the side of the trail Рbringing back childhood memories of watching the big sea-turtles laying eggs in Kuantan/Malaysia and felt sad. To learn now that the crying with egg-laying (that’s the only time they come ashore), and that they cry in the sea as well. The tears help flush sand from their eyes Рknowing this, I can now feel happy&appreciate that memory more.

Lunched@The Old Mill***where I had my first decent meal (steak&a glass of red wine) during 2005 AT-Thru’hike! Appreciations for yummy¬†Chicken Alfredo dinner to the Shaws from ME.

Neal Steeno & Tim Keenan’s presentation Naneek@the Rock School. Ended the day with MoFo, Whamo, Miss Wiggy, Lizard, Loon, and¬†Rising Eagle for a beer@The Mill again.¬†Looking forward to seeing HiHills&Franklin tomorrow.

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