Mother’s Day 2017

16 May 2017 – Time To Listen To The Body…


Fri&Sat: L&K@SC High School League/SCHSL and Track 2017 (pix credits to L&K). If the memory serves me correctly, those were long-drawn out meets when I was cheering and supporting Linn in her high-school days! Congrats to IrmoHighGirls 4×4 for breaking their school record, from 3.59 (35yrs ago) to 3.57 (2017- pix from IHS Track Banquet taken after this posting).

Sat: a walk to the lake in the surroundings of this lovely peaceful neighbourhood. Ellie&I were planning salmon and shrimps for the Mother’s Day menu and in walked Jeff and said that he has shopped and bought food for Mother’s Day and guess what he had with him, great men’s mind think alike but fools seldom differ – lol

Enjoying and taking time with the shopping at WalMart and Krogers (1-7/24hrs) for their choices, conveniences, selections, space, prices –

when you have recently arrived from Norway, everything seems inexpensive and reasonable here, even a tank of gas for the Volvo was less than US$30!

Nice to be able to roast marshmallows on this beautiful cool evening and a seldom time to get a family pix on the eve of Mother’s Day. The only grandchild I got up to feed nightly the first week of her life – Sophie has now got her new front teeth and chewing happily on her S’mores 🙂 One of the coaches stopped by to chat and was up until pass 0200hrs, not usual for me!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, Mother Earth and Mother Nature. Shandon Baptist Church, but do miss Rev Dick Lincoln who retired in Mar after 38yrs on the pulpit. There were enough cup-cakes for the whole congregation today!


The power of playing a musical instrument! To my parents, especially mother – tkx for the encouragement&patience (been playing since I was 5 and still at it); grandchildren – do not stop; ex-students Claire&Audrey – keep at it; Simplicius&Rit – stay with it and to others who plays, play on

Church services are not what they used to be like when my maternal grandfather was a minister then!

Would usually sit outside during the loud noises but wanted to be with the family today and boy, it will be the last time sitting inside – hope that the heart has not gone Afib and the eardrums are in tact!!

Katy’s presentation for the starter – smoked salmon&lobster’s claws (seldom manage to get a pix of this lovely teen in action 🙂 ) and Ellie’s yummy Luscious Lemon Cake for dessert. Lucky to have a family who likes food as much as I do. Good to catch up with Cindy. Was too tired to join the gang on the boat later – the mind is so willingly but body says no.