Mother’s Day 2022

11 May 2022 – Movie Breathe

Sat&Sun: Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers with loving memory to my mother Tsang MayLan(1911-1965), special thoughts my 2daughters, Linn&May (pix from 2020) who made me a proud mother are also mothers and my 3grand-daughters, Katy, Ellie&Sophie (pix from 2014) who might also become mothers, ie if I live to see their children, my great-grand-children (BrownGen). It has been 3yrs since I saw #1, 3, 4&5 and also has been 3ys ago since I have been at their school-ending-year awards&presentations ceremonies – hardly recognise #4 who has stretched and resembles her 2older sisters.

Many thx to Jeff for mailing these from #2-5, so thoughtful&sweet of them.

Mon: tkx to first-born for these recent pix of my FabulousFive in the US

and here with them on strings, would be able to form a quintet! – appreciate to receive this video from their father

Will be missing yet another school-ending year events and this will be the third year not being there Hardly recognising #4 playing the double-bass&soccer who will be a teenager next month, resembling her 2 older sisters. Looking forward for her visit in Jul – she is the only grandchild I took full care of when her mother had to be hospitalized after birth.

1st-born’s 40thBday in 2014BostonMarathon/MA, USA when we all (ie my 2daughters+6grand-daughters) met then and have not been all together since. Can only hope that we can all be together to celebrate her 50thBday in 2024.

Good Mon morning and a good week ahead to all from a tunnel vision of the East-Coast area taken from a HDB-lift landing. But when you clear&open your mind, you can have a wider vision to imagine&see a bigger picture!

Tue: tkx to DaisyC for lunch company in Chinatown. At Daiso for these 2sunflowers+leaf and what I now have to pay is S$8.56 instead of S$8 before the pricehikes. Discovered Scarlett, but have not tired these loctus root snacks yet and then could not resist these bottles (can be later used as a floor-lamp stand of piggybank) of popcorns – OK taste, most ppl here prefer the salty taste, but I do like the sweet taste.

Wed: Breathe (2017) – brillant inspiring touching movie based on the true story of Robin Cavendish who became paralyzed after contracting polio in the late 1950s – highly recommended. The topic of assisted suicide was also part of the fictional 2016 drama Me Before You — an ending that sparked some outrage due to its perceived comment on life as a quadriplegic. But Serkis — who made his directorial debut with the drama based on the parents of his Imaginarium Studios co-founder Jonathan Cavendish — stressed that Breathe‘s mutual agreement between Robin, Diana and Jonathan is the decision’s “extraordinary” element. “It’s not a selfish act; it’s kind of altruistic in a way, as it was to make life better for Diana and Jonathan, so they wouldn’t have to go through the misery of watching some very, very long, extracted, painful departing,” he explained – The Hollywood Reporter.

I have accepted the risk of dying, I don’t want to just survive I want to truly live 

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