The 30th Annual Appalachian Trail Days

16 May 2016 – To Meet With AT Hiking Buddies


Thu: grateful to Calvin@CC for both the SouthWest and MetroPack Hyperlite Moutain Gear, all packed and ready to test them out this weekend by Tiger-Lil πŸ™‚


MoFo arrived by 1030hrs and per request brought his Zpack tent demonstrating how the set-up and so that I could feel the material and before ordering it when I get back from trail days. Do like the feel and the weight of this Solplex 459g/16.2ozs. Tkx MoFo for the trouble.


On the road by 1100hrs with smooth traffic except for a short section with road constructions, scattered local heavy showers, a quick lunch+restroom break to arrive into Damascus/VA before 1600hrs.


Sweet memories of the Montgomery Homestead B&B and the White Blaze from 2005.


On the White Blaze at W Laurel Ave – where in 2005 there was a Dave’s Outfitters (no more) who repaired my tent pole within an hour and this place is the most friendly trail town then. Still friendly now but too crowded for me on trail days – we were not here on trail days during our thru’hike on 2005!


Good luck to MoFo for the sales of a tent.


W Laurel Ave is also where part of the White Blaze is with a colourful house on N Smith St, Presbyterian Church (1907), United Methodist Church, 2ducks crossing from Dancing Bear B&B! Pokey got in after 1800hrs, dinner at BoBo with the group but was not hungry and still had left-overs from lunch. Noisy and loud music locations are not my cup of tea unless I am starving and this are no other choices! 15mins drive to the Alpine Motel in Abingdon and a good night sleep.


Fri: TGIF and Fri 13! Woke up early in light rains clearing as the morning progressed. US$5 for breakfast at the Fire Station was a good cause to the DVFD Damascus Volunteer Fire Dept.


Manufacturer reps set up in the campground to assist hikers with equipment and repairs FOC. Tkx to MoFo for the pix – honey I shrunk the hikers πŸ™‚



A short hike south on the AT was most welcomed, even when just hiking in city attire and using an umbrella as a walking stick! The wholesome feeling with nature is just beyond words. Cruiser’s pet was happily running backwards and forward to his master – if only I had that kind of energy, could have hiked to the TN boarder and back again within the hour πŸ™‚


S Beaver Dam Ave, also part of the AT to check out the retails etc. Heard that Zpack was there. Just my luck that they had a Hexamid One, prototype 14.9ozs/422g US$300 (saved $200+) Arc backpacks 21ozs/595g $275 (saved $50), Challenger Rain Pants 3.8ozs/108g $100 (saved $50). Buying these at Trail Days save me $300+ tks to young Joe, the founder and owner of Zpacks.



Made Mimosa and finger food to welcome the gang in the motel room before heading out to dinner at Rain Restaurant Abingdon****Had the rack of lamb and it was yummy but could only eat half and doggie-bag the rest. Appreciations to HiHills and Franklin who took the time to drive for nearly 2hrs to join us in the midst of their anniversary weekend plans.


1989JunTonight is also Katy’s 8th grade dance and first formal. Tkx to Linn for the pix. Just look at this group of beautiful 14yrs young people and wishing them the very best ahead. Above 3 pix credits to Linn.

1989 in FL where Linn was at her 8th grade dance in a dress I made in those days! Where has all the time gone and how it is possible that my first-born is now 42 with her first-born now 14????


Sat: the sunrise was absolutely perfect this cool morning. Tkx to Linn for the use of her sweats and could not resist to take this Kodak-moment outside the motel room. Am glad I did that as the other mornings, the sunrise was not the same.


Good recommendations for breakfast at Zazzy’Z***by MissWiggy.


Back to S Beaver Dam Ave at the vendors with the group to be entertained by a talented young man! Had some ribs for lunch US$7 served by the Veterans Memorial.


The VA Creeper Trail Town Mural and Dee’s Barber Shop on the AT.


13198421_1689418814653342_3359291270652702810_oMissWiggy and I were taking pix from the 2nd floor bathroom. MoFo was giving out beads with Lizard and Pokey watching from the porch of the Hikers Inn. Did not really want to be anywhere near this madness especially after HiHill’s accident in 2013 πŸ™

Tkx to Lee&Paul@The Hikers Inn, we stayed dry and warm thru’out the parade.


A drink at Damascus Old Mill where we had dinner in 2005 and 2008. Informative presentation at the Town Hall by Warren Doyle about his past, present and future AT Expeditions. MoFo and Pokey 1995, Lizard 2000, MissWiggy and I were his 2005 Expedition – tkx to his logistics that I managed to thru’hike the AT. The group had pizza for dinner and I finished the left-overs from last night!



Sun: farewell for now, my AT hiking buddies and the AT. Beautiful drive stopping in NC, Weaverville’s Well-Bred Cafe & Bakery*****for breakfast (highly recommended).


Appreciations to MoFo for driving me door-door to&from 2016 Trail Days in VA. 4+hrs drive just flew by when one is having fun in good company!

When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world – John Muir

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