Earbuds Can Translate Any Language

19 May 2016 – A Dream Come True


Mon: seems that life shifts into another gear too quickly and when one is used to an automatic shift, then the transition might be smoother. But if you are used to stick-shift, then you can hear the grinding if forgetting that you are not in auto-mode! Katy will be learning to drive next year and hopefully she will find a stick-shift car so that she can lean how to handle it. L&M learnt to drive on the stick in a red VWbug (great car from the Flowerpower days – pix downloaded), and it is an advantage to know how to handle both.

Discovered that there is something important that your car insurance provider doesn’t want you to know. New policies are indicating that for years many drivers have likely overpaid on their car insurance coverage. Larry tells me that he uses this insurance, so if I do get a car again in the US, will need to look into it. Not probable but not impossible πŸ™‚ James was asking the meaning of impossible πŸ™‚




IMG_1311Tue: to May&family and friends in Norway – god syttende mai. Happy Norwegian Constitution Day from us in SC, USA to all who are celebrating today! Linn& Jeff had a meeting at the high school, so it was hotdogs, sodas and ice-cream for the kids.

Tkx to John for accommodating with holding the flag in the treehouse for me to shoot a pix. Somehow it is not easy to get into a 17May mood when not in Norway! Did not even bake anything, just bought cupcakes and great that there are Norwegian flags around the house.


Wed: Earbuds can translate any language into any language. Wow – if this is for real, then I will take them in all languages. Always wanted something like this all my life – finally no need to be entirely lost in translation. My 3wishes to speak, understand and write all languages nearly came true. AmyR mentioned that it might discourage people from learning languages and she has a point there but some communication is better than none!




Thu: oh no, not another plane crash πŸ™




The wild Mountain Laurel were absolutely stunning on the AT. John’s Climbing DonJuan rose has a lovely fragrance. The purple Clematis are done with their blooms, the pink Azalea are nearly done and now it is the Gardenia‘ turn, another sweet fragrance bloom.

A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions β€” so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect – Terri Guillemets