Pine Island

8 May 2016 – St Michael’s Lutheran Church


Fri: the weather is as perfect as one could wish for, cool and dry! Nice drive around the neighbourhood to discover Pine Island. This 27-acre has been a private club for about 50yrs and owner SCE&G – SC Electric & Gas plans to keep it that way. But this longtime privacy of a premier site on Lake Murray is starting to come into question…



Just within a few mins drive is St Michael’s Lutheran Church (1814), a charming white wooden church with a bell that chimes happily every hour.



IMG_0815TGIF – a good Mother’s Day weekend to all. Finally after a few hours (would have taken me a whole day!), this old piano is adjusted (75), tuned (90) and cleaned (50) total US$215! The Red Music Room now has a melody in-tuned 🙂 All well-worth it to hear Katy and Ellie enjoying their duets on it. Wanted that tuned so as to accompany them on their violins. Tkx for this lovely chair Haley! Fits perfectly here. Hope that Jeff have have time to refinish it one day. Just love the lyre symbol – Greek: λύρα, lýra is a string instrument known for its use in Greek classical antiquity and later periods.


Tom Gregory from iTune Piano Services referred by John Adair@Adair Piano did a good job. Thanks to both John and Tom.

Appreciations to Haley&Brian for yummy trout dinner.



Sat: what a glorious and busy day. Congrats to John for his 5k in 29.25, fastest for Irmo Elementary in the Run Hard Running Team@First Baptist Church at Lexington. Good pix of John’s hair’s flying by Cindy.


Yeah to all the coaches, especially coach Hall of Irmo High School Track & Field + team photographer Katy for their State Qualifier Meet@Spring Valley High.


Appreciations to the team for shading me under their tent for a few minutes. Walked to Walmart to buy grapes for them and to do some shopping. Took me 5+hrs to check that every one of the grapes were good in the cluster and to get gifts for The Fabulous5 🙂


Sun: Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers – past, present and future! Loving memories to my mother Tsang MayLan (1911-1965), may she RIP.


Tkx to Jeff for yummy salmon lunch and to Ellie for baking a delicious cake on this Mother’s Day. Have been told that it is a Luscious Lemon Cake decorated with fresh hand-picked strawberries. Now that is what I call a REAL cake, no wonder I had seconds…

Too choppy to ski on the lake but #1&2 got on the knee-board. #3 pix is too blur 🙁 #4&5 did not want to be pulled by the boat in the choppy waters.