Elementary, Middle & High Schools

12 May 2016 – In Irmo/SC, USA

Mon: have been here for 2 weeks today – time has gone by too quickly when you are having fun. This will be the last school year that 4 grand children are attending the same elementary school, Irmo Elementary. The history of this school dates back to 1935 when the building was constructed to serve all grades 1 thu’11. The original building still exists but with additions and an extreme makeovers. There is a Time Capsule sealed in 1987 and will be opened in 2037! Will probably not live to see it opened!


Pix from 2015 with Linn & James picking up his siblings and now he is in K5, SophieG1, JohnG4 and EllieG5. Downloaded B/W pix from The American School and University Magazine.

Katy was there 3yrs ago and now final year in Irmo Middle School making the ‘A’ Honor Roll all 3yrs. She will be moving on to 9G High School and Ellie to Middle School next school year. Linn coaches Field & Track at Irmo High, and by next school year, 2 at the High School (including Linn 🙂 ) , 1 in Middle G6 and 3 in Elementary K4, G2, & G4. Need to get all these down to remember from year to year what grades the FaBulous5 are in!



At the International Academic Magnet (iAM) at Irmo Middle School, Katy is learning Mandarin Chinese and plays the violin in the orchestra which scored a ‘Superior Rating’ for their performance at South Pointe High School.




Thanks Linn for the tour of Irmo High (1928). Their new auditorium is nicely and wisely designed, utilizing this add-on for both concerts and plays in this area besides just for the school.


Murals on the walls in the gym and around there are colour and cheerful – Yellow Jacket being their mascot, obviously black and gold are their colours.




Like many US schools, the emphasis is on football and here is no exception. The newly build training room for the footballers are well-equipped and their field is immaculate. This team won the state championship in 1980.

s-l1000Tue: a day to clean out the pantry to learn that wiping down the shelves with white vinegar may help with the moth issues. Also will try to get some cedar chips to see if it will work.

Memories of the intricate carved-camphor or cedar chest from childhood days where the outfits of quality were stored! Was never a fan of that odour but the clothes were safe from moths. Pix of chest downloaded.


Wed: Happy 40th Bday Tiffany.



Appreciations to April for holding this young ladies’! brunch and including me at her charming lake-front home where I enjoyed walking around. A lovely time was had by all.


Birds nesting up in the blinds – they kept me busy and quiet trying to get some decent shots, but no such luck with them moving so fast to feed and protect their young!


There is a delightful chapel on Carl Shealy Rd. Have been told that it was part of the Gateway Baptist Church and it has been moved from Newberry? to this location.



It sure feels like Paradise and the Garden of Eden surrounded by amazing trees with a welcoming gate in this fantastic weather 🙂

IMG_1016Everyday we see them
standing tall and noble everywhere.
Most of the time we pass
giving them not a second thought.
All we see is greenery there,
we never think of the variety
and the effect they have on our lives…

David Harris

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