Damascus VA

19 May 2008 – Trail days in Damascus

The weekend flew by quickly. There was neither time nor internet access to update the blog. The drive from Irmo to Damascus took about 4+hrs oneway. Tried to set up a tent for the sales of my book but unfortunately the winds were too strong and the tent did not stay upright for too long. Decided to spend the last Trail Day with my 2005 thru-hike and fellow hikers. Parade photo courtesy to Mike Freed LOON

It was wonderful to see so many and my appreciation to all who made the effort to meet up. The owners of ‘Between The Trials’, Pam & Kyle Peterson were most accomodating and my sincere gratitude to them. My apologies if the spirit was not at it’s best. A bad cough & cold on top of the allergies drained much energy and left me without a voice. Lack of sleep has finally caught up with the body’s resistance. Another reality to aging!

Love and a cough cannot be hidden – George Herbert 

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  1. Oh dear. You need more rest! Your body is probably trying to adapt to the change in climate every other week. Take care.

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